Orit Gutmacher Levy: Artist

My NativeAdVantage:


My name is Orit Gutmacher Levy, a country girl from a magical farm town in the Galilee, Israel.  My journey has taught me to listen to myself, to the quiet inner voice inside my heart. I am a true nature lover, a mom, a businesswoman, a Google map local guide addict, and a designer. I am following my dream to create unique and inspirational Jewish Soul Art and Sacred Geometry Soul Art. My art links us to our universal spiritual roots and strengthens our deep connection to values, mission and meaning. HALELUYA. הַלְלוּיָהּ

What do I do best?

I was gifted with the love of designing Sacred Soul Art. My love of Judaism and the world of sacred geometry enlightens my being with faith, love, inner peace, joy, and good energies. I'm the designer of HALELUYA: Jewish Soul Art and Sacred Geometry Soul Art and the owner of Zebratoys. I'm a big Judaica art lover with a feel for Shabbat and Jewish holidays, Kabbalah ancient sacred symbols and Biblical prayers & blessings. Designing and coloring helped me heal my mind, body, and spirit, connected me with my deepest wishes, and brought me home to my soul, my passion, and my purpose. This is my Dream Job and I love it!!! G-d bless, I feel so grateful ✡♡ Thank you, Universe. Thank you, G-d.

What makes me the best version of myself?

When I’m truly myself, my light shines brightly, and my soul is in heaven. This is the magic that keeps me going, growing, glowing again and again and again. My best version of myself is when I get closer to my being and connect to my true colors, when I listen to my inner voice and love myself. Learning to listen to my soul and do what I love has led me to follow my path, fulfill my aspirations, and continues to illuminate my destiny in the world. HALELUYA.

Here is my secret TO DO list:

Nurture your being.


Praise your soul.

Love your body.

Give yourself some love.

Practice forgiveness on daily basis.

Express appreciation and gratefulness.

Count your blessings. ♡

Honor Life in sacred ways.

Listen to your heart.

Find time to visualize.

What are my aspirations?

My business goal is to elevate HALELUYA, to inspire and empower people of all faiths to enhance their spiritual growth, heal their minds, bodies, and spirits, and create remarkable positive changes in their lives, their families, their communities, and our world.

My personal aspiration is to grow and nourish my inner world, my consciousness, awareness and spirituality. I want to keep on illuminating love inside my heart, practicing gratefulness and kindness in my life and abundantly sharing my gifts with the world. I constantly seek inspiration, peacefulness, freedom and goodwill to lead me in my journey.

My Biggest Success?

My fairy dust is this magical feeling in my heart when the love of Judaism touches people from all over the world and connects us. These connections build unity and foster a strong brotherhood and sisterhood with a goodwill message for humankind, nature, earth and the universe. G-d bless us all. Amen. אָמֵן

My biggest success is when I fall down and get up. To hear “NO” and try again. I know the path to building a successful international business is challenging, and I’m willing to do anything it takes to continue to sit in the sunshine in my backyard balcony and bring you the best of me. I believe in a breathing management style that can stretch, change and adapt to fulfill a higher will. As an entrepreneur and a designer that gets out of my comfort zone again and again, I am still trying to get used to feeling uncomfortable. Having an open and flexible mindset with a willingness to grow is vital. I’m committed to my soul’s love, and staying loyal to my heart, a promise I made to myself.

One of my journey’s favorite milestone is publishing Neshamah Yehudit, the First Jewish Coloring Book in The Land of Israel and the whole world ✡ I’m so proud of myself ♡ Seeing my work in the world created a positive shift in how I value myself. I love it when my grandmother, Saralee Sloven, tells me: “I’m amazed by you and all that you do!”

My Most Challenging Moment?

I faced many challenges in life—letting go of a broken marriage, raising three little boys, striving to build a successful international business. Through many years, I suffered, feeling unhappy and had no hope. Then my life journey led me back to the magic of coloring, the art that had inspired me as a little girl and gave me a profound sense of peacefulness, wholeness, happiness and well-being.

This meditative practice, which is a form of art therapy, encouraged me to safely explore my innermost thoughts and feelings through a powerful, silent, non-verbal healing process. Coloring helped me heal my body, mind, and spirit, connected me with my deepest wishes, and brought me home to my soul, my passion, and my purpose. Listening to my heart guided me to create my dream job, revealed my mission and continues to illuminate my destiny in the world. Now I know why I do what I do. I want to share this gift with the universe by helping other women and girls to journey within, discover their deepest wishes, heal their wounds and make their dreams come true!

Why is my Sacred Soul Art so powerful and empowering? It brings meaning to our lives by connecting universal wisdom and the inner self, affirming a quiet enlightening clear message—be yourself, love yourself and grow. Every one of us has a beautiful, extraordinary gift to share with the universe. What’s yours?

My Motto?

I believe strongly  in Faith, Love, and Good energies ♡

I believe in values, meaning and faith in ourselves, the force of all good and G-d.

I believe in good-hearted people, big and small good deeds, compassion and forgiveness. Honesty, truth and goodwill are vital for happiness and inner peace to flourish inside us, connect us all and form a strong bond of unity with a clear powerful universal goodwill message of love, goodness and peace for mankind, nature, earth and the world.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

I love people with a willingness to help others, a genuine dedicated commitment for doing good. They deeply inspire me and my soul. I feel grateful for learning YEMIMA three years in a row with my guide Iris Berkovich. Bless you Iris, I truly  feel grateful for your presence in my life. Learning YEMIMA has influenced the way I perceive, think, and live. Now I can be more present in the moment, embrace internal freedom, go within to my thoughts, emotions and feelings, be more me and give myself love, compassion, and acceptance.

Special thank you to my aunt Ruth Sloven who is walking joyfully beside me in the amazing journey of growing HALELUYA and making it shine brightly. I love you Doda ✡♡ Thank you for believing in me. Bless you, Amen. ✡ I’m honored to be your niece.

I would like to dedicate this interview with the Native Society to my Mom and Dad, Marcia Ann and David Gutmacher, thank you for giving me the gift of life. I love you ♡ I’m grateful for everything you have done for me.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Every once in a while I get this craving for wandering the Holy City of Safed, walking around old stone paved alleys, breathing the high mountain breezes of ancient holy Kabbalah spirituality. Soaking in these powerful energetic fields has always made my soul glow with faith, love, and a heartwarming, sacred Jewish feeling. A spiritual connection shines from within me when I enter Judaica art galleries and ancient synagogues. Together they touch tenderly, naturally connecting me with my Jewish heart and soul.

Another place I love to visit is the Jordan River. The river flows very close to my village in the Hula Valley. Around it grow eucalyptus trees and fruit orchards of apples and pomegranates. I love the river’s meditative energy charm. It connects me to sweet childhood memories and strengthens my connection to the natural elements: water, earth, sun, and air, and to the creation.

My soul loves Jamaica. This location is deep in my heart and dreams: the Caribbean turquoise sea, the white sand beaches, and tropical fruits. This magical island  is my favorite vacation destination with family and friends. Champagne for me, please ♡

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My Grandmother Saralee Sloven’s Shabbat Candlesticks, which I have been lighting for years, make me soften tenderly from within with love and faith. My Bat Mitzvah Brass Shabbat Candlesticks I got as a gift from my parents - it reminds me of their love.  And, my studio, filled with Jewish Art, Judaica and things I have been collecting for years from all over the world, is like my home temple.  When I step into my studio, in a fraction of a second, this blessed good energy has the power to unlock the entrance to another dimensional wonderland, melt my heart and light my soul with a divine holy glow.

I feel very proud of the 3D Papercraft Star of David Decorations Collection I’ve designed using Sacred Geometry tools and Divine inspiration. These magical, twirling bursts of color are one of my favorite products created to feed my soul’s love to bless the world with beauty and good energies.

My Current Passions?

Rainbows rule my world these days. The Israeli winter colors the sky with amazing, beautiful rainbows which enlighten my being with hope, harmony and love. In my morning meditation, I’ve started drawing and coloring at least one rainbow every day. You can find them on my organizer, notebooks, and planners. I’m in love! Rainbows, please continue to leave me breathless ♡

I also find much inner peace designing Sacred Soul Art that combines Jewish Symbols with elements from the world of Sacred Geometry. This blend is my soul’s  favorite these days because these designs unite people of all Faiths with a universal message of love, goodness and peace.

I bless the people all around the world with love, faith, and good energies.

May we all live meaningful, connected lives within ourselves, with our families and friends, communities, with the whole world, universe and with G-d. Amen. אָמֵן Faith, Love, and Good Energies,

Blessings from the Galilee,
Orit Gutmacher Levy.