Nikita Gupta: Educator, program director, Femtor & resilience expert

My NativeAdVantage:


Hi! My name is Nikita Gupta. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years! I’m an Indo-American woman, originally from the southern United States – Texas and Kentucky, and proudly so.  I’m an educator, resilience coach, healer and creative who loves supporting people in discovering their authentic selves, using the wisdom of their bodies to wake up instinct and resilience, experience real connections, and find joy in every day. As a bi-cultural woman who navigates unique, often challenging intersections of identity-generated experiences, I offer a unique perspective in my work with a nuanced understanding of the kaleidoscope of experiences that people go through. Through my own journey of healing and growth, I’ve been lucky to experience, practice and develop cutting-edge somatic strategies for thriving. I am dedicated to sharing these strategies with diverse communities for the upliftment, regeneration and joy of all.

I help people in a variety of settings including college campuses and service-based organizations, individuals and groups (including empaths, survivors of trauma, women, first-gen/second-gen Americans, and people of color). My educational background includes public health, life coaching, restorative yoga and mindfulness. This, along with perspectives from somatics, neurobiology, social justice and growth mindset, shape the framework of my resilience work.  I created the successful GRIT Coaching Program at UCLA and work with various individuals and groups across the United States. For more info, check out my website:

What do I do best?

I love people which drives me to foster connection with people from all areas of life. Teaching and forming safe spaces for self-discovery to emerge is what I do best.  I love listening to stories, hearing perspectives and understanding the many journeys of life that each and every single one of us are living. I’m good at helping people navigate their life experiences and I love tending to many elements of the earth – like plants and vegetables, crystals and stones, and my sweet cat.  I laugh regularly and make some delicious meals. :)

What makes me the best version of myself?

My heart. The guidance by my heart has always been a body resource I’ve felt into when making the difficult, profound, loving, and dynamic choices in order to be who I am today. My heart has steered me in the best direction for me at the time consistently. I also have a strong mindset (or “heart” set as I like to call it), that life is good, that people are good, and that on any day, my power lies in choosing the light over the darkness.  I strive to choose the light every day while honoring the truth of my emotions and my authentic experience, particularly on those most difficult days.  My passion for learning and growth also makes me who I am today as a first generation Indo-American woman, who is creative, passionate, and dedicated to making positive change across humanity.  

What are my aspirations?

To continue serving humanity in creative, satisfying, and impactful ways. To make more jewelry and fulfill a lifelong dream of painting! I want to continue to be in nature, and camp under the stars! And eventually live on lush land surrounded by trees, a loving partner, a few animals, and a fiddle. :)

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success is that I am living the life that I envisioned as a little girl – offering teaching and healing work, living in California and feeling congruent – meaning that my inner world matches my outer world.  That I live in a way that is authentically me in all of my complexities and aspirations. It has taken me a lot of courage, work and resources to get to this place, and I am so grateful. There is more to go and I’m here for the journey.  

My Most Challenging Moment?

As with most of us who are alive, I’ve had to make many difficult personal decisions along my journey, big and small. One of my most challenging choices was to leave my family of origin (parents) back in Kentucky, and come to the west coast where I could plant my heart and feet and become who I’m meant to be.  That choice had positive and negative ripple effects for years. Things have settled now and I’m grateful for where my family and I continue to evolve in our relationship, loving and support. There are a lot of other challenges I’ve navigated with regards to romantic relationships, jobs, money, friendships and health! I’m open to sharing more, so email me a question and I’ll respond via YouTube!

My Motto?

Life is for me!  I choose to trust life.

Especially when I cannot see the reason behind an experience or life pattern that is frustrating and disappointing, I remind myself that I am a product of nature -- and nature wants me to thrive.  This reframe especially helps me when my inner critic or worrier are particularly vocal.  I remind myself that life is for me, and that everything I experience is for my benefit, and therefore it’ll be okay.  When I’m going through something tough, whether it is an isolated moment, or a period of challenge, I try and remind myself of this and ask myself “How is this experience benefitting me right now?”.  Sometimes I have to dig deep and I get annoyed that here I am again, but eventually I can feel that life is okay… life is good…  life is great….

My Favorite People/Role Models?

I’ve been lucky to have a few formal and unintentional femtors and mentors in my life.  Some of the positive role models who have influenced me, my life and work include:

•    Nikky Finney

•    Greg Braden

•    Ron Penn

•    Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni

•    Grace Caitlin

•    Moonfire

•    Mary Oliver

•    Tinariwen

•    Marina Abramovic

•    Bayo Akomolafe

•    Sheila Kelly

•    Judith Orloff

•    The animals in my life

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

•    Joshua Tree (one of my favorites!)

•    Morocco – Marrakesh old city at 5am when the call to prayer sings

•    Movie theaters

•    Aran Isles (Galway, Ireland)

•    The hills of Kentucky

•    Big Sur, CA

•    Santa Cruz, CA

•    Gem shows!

•    Idyllwild, CA

•    Morro Bay, CA

•    Bali, Indonesia

My Favorite Products/Objects?

•    Crystals! Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Citrine and Rose Quartz are some of my favorites.

•    Love my MacBook – what can I say :)

•    Pandora

•    Succulents and house plants

•    Coffee

•    My yoga mat

•    My memory foam mattress and pillow

•    Fireplaces

•    White California Sage

•    My diffuser for essential oils

•    Podcasts

My Current Passions?

Teaching and training helping professionals all over the country to value their empathy as a gift, to practice self-care and find joy every day, to feel and be okay with emotions, and to be present with one self and another. Dreaming of and writing new curriculum for my trainings.  Making jewelry out of crystals and earth stones.  Healing and meditation. Steamed vegetables like chard! Getting out in nature! Slowing down my breath!