David Schwartz: Lawyer

My NativeAdVantage:


David Schwartz has spent his entire career practicing law as a litigator and for the past decade as a lobbyist and advocate on behalf of businesses, trade associations, not-for-profits and individuals. Whether it is in the courtroom defending and advocating on behalf of litigants in high profile criminal and civil cases or in the halls of the Capital, the same philosophy and attitude exists which is to advocate as aggressively and passionately for the client. Mr. Schwartz has represented clients at all ends of the spectrum including some of the largest companies in America to some of the least fortunate in our society on criminal matters. Every client gets the energy and attention needed to achieve positive results. It is this training as a trial attorney, trying dozens of felony cases and handling thousands, that makes him extremely effective in navigating the political process for his clients.

What do I do best?

My ability to think outside of the box and coming up with creative solutions to problems. Clients need efficient solutions and that is what I give them. Whether as a trial attorney where I have tried dozens of jury trials or as a lobbyist, I give my clients passionate, energetic representation. I am a passionate advocate rather than a negotiator.

What makes me the best version of myself?

When I have superior knowledge of the subject matter I am advocating and I represent my clients “off-script”. Scripts are for advocates that do not have superior knowledge of the substance of the argument. It is with that knowledge where that becomes the script and you can just be a passionate advocate in any arena whether it’s in court or the halls of the legislature, without delivering a prepared speech.

What are my aspirations?

My passion is to represent clients who have the same mindset as I do and that is to fight for what you believe in. A client that is not afraid to fail multiple times in order to ultimately achieve success.

My personal goals are to see my children start their careers and build their lives and see the world through their own eyes. It is very important for me that my daughters follow their passions and heir dreams and I do not want to ever tell them how to view or see the world and that they come up with their own vision of what their lives should be.

My Biggest Success?

Being a good dad and husband. I’m not perfect, but the fact that my daughters and wife still want to hang out with me after all these years means that I must be doing something right and that is a big success. I also have been able to build my life with my own eyes and vision notwithstanding what other people want. Building my business and at the same time helping people with good deeds and being able to give back in many different ways is my biggest success. Being able to touch and effect people around me in a meaningful and positive way is a huge success.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Big criminal cases where the client decides to put his life in my hands and go to trial are my most challenging moments. Win or lose, as long as I can look at myself in the mirror knowing I gave 110% and left it all on the field is what I require to get through these challenging trials. Deciding whether to put the defendant on the stand in certain cases is extremely challenging and weighing all the pitfalls that entails.

My Motto?

“There is no they” - if you want to get anything done exactly the way you want it done, then you need to do it yourself or else you will never be completely satisfied.

“See the world through your own eyes” - you will never reach your goals or be completely happy if you are always seeing the world through the eyes of others. In order to succeed, you need to view the world through your own glass.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Dr Ellenmorris Tiegerman, head of the Tiegerman Schools. Dr T as she is called, performs miracles for children with special needs every single day. She has 3 schools and sends kids with autism to college. She fights the government all the time in order to educate these children and she is a tenacious fighter for the values that she believes in and it is such an honor to work with her on her issues.

Rabbi MICHAEL White, Rabbi of Temple Sinai in Roslyn is a personal role model. He is a true community leader, whether educating our teens or visiting and offering heeling for the sick in hospitals on a daily basis, he is a leader who gives his entire life to our community. He doesn’t seek credit, rather his good deeds often get done without any fanfare or publicity. An amazing heart and is a true example for all of us to live by. When I was president of Temple Sinai, I got to see First hand what he does for people on a daily basis.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Italy! Florence, Rome and all the small towns in between, just the best. The food is so natural and pure. Makes a big difference over the processed food we have in the United States. The people of Italy are incredible, warm and giving. Every time I am in this country, I can’t stop smiling. The
architecture and historic sights and towns just make it a magical country.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Healthy food. I am on a quest to find food that will make me healthier, rather than destroy me. In our chemically infested environment, easier said than done.

My Current Passions?

Connecting with people. Helping people in making their lives better by solving problems. Helping others think outside of the box, taking a deep breath and viewing the problems that encompass their very being in a different, innovative and creative way. I enjoy going to interesting places, cities and villages and just walking and connecting with people. Making connections is not easy, but when it happens, you get an incredible feeling of accomplishment.