Fanny Axén: Global Brand Division Leader, 180 South Group

My NativeAdVantage:


She was born and raised in Stockholm Sweden. After five years in public relations, she noticed the growth in the artist & music development space. She then got her feet wet within music production while abroad in the United Kingdom, and two years later she moved back to Stockholm Sweden to focus on new opportunities in brand development.

What do I do best?

I would say my relationships,  i created great relationships with important people in the business through hard work, they seen my drive and work ethic. And in the end your relationships and reputation is everything in this business

What makes me the best version of myself?

Loyalty, not using people, If someone does something for me I Always make sure to give back, my drive & never given up on myself no matter how Much bad things iv been through.

What are my aspirations?

My personal goals is to just be happy ! stay humble and never take anything for granted. and grow as a person.

My business goals is to change the business for Women I'm feeling respected and knowing they matter.  Always challenge myself and be the best version of myself.

Also giving back to the world especially helping children. Thats one of my biggest goals.

My Biggest Success?

I got a few ones here .. one If then definitely getting to work with 2 of my idols, Grammy winner Mohombi and Grammy nominated Ro James having your own idols believe in you is a extremely powerful feeling.

Also having artist i developed from 0 and having major labels thinking my artists are something they want to sign and being very impressed with everything from the music to the people that works with them.

Its definitely an amazing feeling knowing you built something like that together with your team.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Deciding to drop my last artist i managed was an extremely tough time for me . I worked with this artist almost 2 years and had some of the biggest people in the business working and believing in what i did with her,  I invested everything i had in her and really knew we had something great here, but seeing how she handled it when i dropped her , showed me her true colors  and that told me i Made the right decision and she Didn't deserve that record deal nor wasn't ready for it.

After that i Made the decision too really work on my own brand more And instead try to get to  work with established brands and artists.

My Motto?

Always treat people the way you want to be treated.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My favorite people  in my life is my closest friends, my Mom ,sister grandma and grandpa.

My business role model is

Jennifer Lopez i love how she's involved in everything she's doing ,and have been working with the same people sense day1.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

LA ! No Doubt

I am from Sweden, but i Always knew i was gonna live in LA one day.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

My iPhone , you never see me without my phone.

My Current Passions?

My future!  I am extremely excited about my future! :)

Working out  is extremely important for me it keeps me focused and not stressed

My amazing Friends.

And New music,  Always music:)!

My NativeAdVice:

How did you get into the industry?

I got in to this business just knowing i wanted to go after my dreams which always been music and working with talented people is my passion.  I Always been the kinda person thats been doing my own thing and I believe in not having to do things the traditional way to get somewhere.

I  decided that its time to take the step and i start of as a stylist,designer and Manager assistant altho it was basically me on my own for my first project which was actually for Benny Andersson from ABBA s grandchildren in Europe's biggest music competition Melodifestivalen,  and from then got into more of  PR  with what’s my own idol at the time one of the biggest artists in the world at the time Mohombi, who’s today definitely not just one of the most talented artists i know but also as a songwriter and producer he co wrote and co produced Jennifer Lopez hit Dinero with DJ Khaled and Cardi B and also co wrote the biggest hit 2017 Mi Gente feat Beyonce.  He believed in me and metro me and very short after i started i was the PR manager for his recordable.

so i  really learned whats its like to work at a label,  i did everything  from Radioplugg, PR Manager , PR campaigns , bookings, A&R work, even co produced a music video for him and  booked big tv shows and performances. i did most things i did without not really any experience and the relations ship i have today i created along the way through showing off hard work and great ideas.

Any emerging industry trends?

I Would say in Sweden especially  theres not really about the talent anymore to be honest its just about social medias and how big they are there which i have absolute no respect for,  i think it sad especially for the New Young people that really thinks is just about being big on social medias and not about talent and the music anymore to make it.

And another one that I'm happy about is that that u don't have to look like a pop star anymore its really more about being unique and doing your own thing. The industry is not looking for the New Justin Bieber anymore they want to see something they never seen before now and a couple years Ago that was definitely not the case.

Any industry opportunities or challenges?

I def think more and more artists or in general creative people realizing the worth in having there own team and manager now more than a couple of years ago and i think thats because artists wants to stay independent more now than sign with a major label

I Also feel like a New trend is definitely to hire younger people as executives because of there power in social media, New Fresh ideas and outside of the box mindset.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?

I wanted to show that as a woman in this business you can be a Boss and get respect as much as a man. Which i can happily say i though out my life always had people respect me, unless someone being fired or something like that then they definitely  switch and you become the enemy, but thats life.

Also really my thing was to put the talent first and as cheesy as it sounds not the money, but its the truth i believe that If everyone in the team work hard and do what they love and are best at in the end everyone Will be successful and thats what i want to create long term relationships and successful teamwork.

One of my biggest reasons is to give back to the people that music means everything for then like a Child thats sick and there biggest wish is to meet there idol i want to do  a lot of things around that topic.

I Also like to start working on with companies that does VR and really new ways with video production i got a few ideas around that thinking about concerts, meet and greets and a lot more. Really more for charity and good causes, i cant tell you to Much about that hopefully it Will become a reality soon then you Will know what i was talking about!

What's next for the Business in the near future?

Something i really hope Will change in the Swedish Market  in  the near future that it Will be more about the talent and music as If used to be.

For the rest of the world i believe that RNB Will be back on the Map and be taking more seriously again.

and when it comes to social media i just think its gonna be more and more powerful when it comes to building brands.

Your key initiatives for the success of the Business?

I Would say working with International superstar Mohombi at his label i was the PR manager there and i started to have the think about connecting brands with artists really early on and put him and his own artists that i Also was responsible for with big names like the fashion brand Gstar that i  have a great relation and partner ship with  cause they always believed in and supported my ideas and Also just in there was let say a photoshoot to make sure the make up artist had a huge platform where they Also mention them and through that radio and media Would show more intresst to.

Also Always Made sure my artists or just artist i work with give back and perform at charity events.

I once basically put together everything for a music video with a multiplatinum group from Sweden called Panetoz and they missed out on a charity event they were gonna perform at i saw those kids crying and was so upset so i decided to something

I had 40-50 kids from a children hospital in Sweden called Astrid Lindgren's coming to the music video shoot and got to spend time with the group and Also be in the video that was definitely one of the best days ever for me. A lot of press and media wanted to be involve in more things i did as well after seeing that but it wasn't about that for me it was seeing the smile on those kids and i still today get messages from parents saying thank you!

I Also been involved in a lot of  of A&R projects like choosing the right voice for a song or putting together producers  and writers with an artist to find there own sound and  when that ends up on big charts, thats definitely a great feeling to.

Your most difficult moment at the Business? (and what did you learn?)

Its 100% learning the truth about people and knowing there basically used you as a manager especially its tough cause you give your all to find out when it comes down to it alot of people don't really fight for there own dreams If you do everything for them

of course not saying everyone but alot of artists out there I'm afraid are not understanding what it actually takes and not prepared to do those sacrifices  and when you stop work with them for alot of reasons they cant take it and basically make you the enemy.

I Also had people Trying to work with me after seeing what iv Done Only to get to my relationships and just steal credit from me

but i learned with experience and it Would never go that far again

I believe in Karma to and never tried to get back at them or talk bad about them I'm just extremely honest but i know thats why i am where i am today.

Ideal experience for a customer/client?

As a manager definitely that i am 100% there every step of the Journey no matter what its about, and i take risks in my eyes nothing is impossible and i think i proved.

I Also never managed more than 1 artist at once which i realized not alot of managements do but i believe in doing that cause i couldn't do the same for 2- 3 people as 1.

Another benefit is definitely my relationships working with me you get to work and get support from people from producers, brands, creative director, choreographers, fitness, makeup & styling and agents most people Would dream about.

How do you motivate others?

Oh this is a hard one because it depends ok the person i think I'm good with people and making them feel comfortable and that they really can trust me.

But i work alot on there confidence and images because If you feel great about yourself it shows on stage and wherever you are.

Im there with you in the gym to the studio :)theres nothing i wont give you time with If you need me, private or business.

I always have them tell me there biggest dreams and we together make up a longterm goal plan and also i crate shorterm goals, once they achieve a short term goal they always gets more secure and confident in getting to there long term goals.

Career advice to those in your industry?

I Would say as a manager same answer here as the question before be there support them in everything , no limitations.

As a person be respectful genuine and hard working and most important honest, it can b tough and you might deal with bad people along the Journey but i promise you in the end you'll come out on top.