Marisé Samitier: Award Winning film director & screenwriter

My NativeAdVantage:


Marisé is an awarded film director and an optioned screenwriter born in Spain and living in Los Angeles. Marisé has an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA. Alumni of American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women. Her scripts have place in Nicholl, Page and Austin. Her short films have garnered numerous awards. She just finished postproduction on a new music video on ageism for iconic punk rocker Alice Bag. Currently, Marisé is developing a feature length thriller A Fistful of Ashes, which she plans to direct in 2019. She is member of WIF (Women in Film), EWA (European Women Filmmakers), AWD (Alliance of Women Directors) and WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) Independent Caucus. Marisé lives in Los Angeles with her husband and her 11-year old daughter who keeps them young and playful.

What do I do best?

Personally, I am very empathetic. Really good at listening to people and make them feel good about themselves. Great at organizing trips, schedules, programs, planning.

Professionally, I am my best at creating and expressing conceptual ideas and abstract thoughts in emotional and artistic ways. I am also good at collaborating and building inclusive teams.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Determination. Perseverance. Optimism. Those three qualities are ingrained in me, empower me and make me strong.

What are my aspirations?

My personal goals, ambitions and desires are to help my daughter be a confident and empathetic human being who can function in the world and be the best version of herself. I also strive to learn and be better every day. Always trying to make this a better world even if it’s by small acts. It all counts and makes a difference.

My professional goals, ambitions and desires are to be creative, write and make movies forever! Collaborate with creators who share a passion for content creation. Continue to bring my work to both the small and the big screen hoping it has an emotional impact.

My Biggest Success?

My daughter.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Moving from Spain to Los Angeles. Leaving everything behind - family, environment, work, friends – and leap into the unknown to start a new life from zero.

My Motto?

When you fall, pick yourself up, inhale/exhale deeply, dust yourself off and keep going.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Self-made people I know, I meet or I read about including family and friends. Resilient human beings with a positive outlook as well as social awareness.

Artists: Bono. Agnès Varda. Yayoi Kusama. Cindy Sherman. Meg LeFauve. Katherine Hardwicke. Andrea Arnold. Alice Guy-Blaché. Susanne Bier.

Entrepreneurs: Warren Buffet. Martha Stewart. Elon Musk. Arianna Huffington. Melinda and Bill Gates.

Politicians: Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders. Hilary Clinton.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Paris. London. Tokyo. Kyoto. New York. For culture. To feed the soul.

The island of Cozumel. To rest and reenergize body and mind.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

A Giacometti-like little sculpture of  a man sitting on a chair reading a book. My notebooks and pens. My Computer. My comfortable chair. My art on the walls. My plants. My books. My music.

My Current Passions?

Write, create, dream and write more. Pilates, pilates, pilates. And travelling around the world.