Reekita Shah Alias Gala: Founder, VRARE

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Reekita Shah Alias Gala is a Founder of VRARE who works as a Business Consultant to help businesses implement latest technologies and create marketing strategies integrating with their business goals to stay ahead of their competitors. She believes businesses should start taking initiatives into industry 4.0 and be apart of digital transformation to sustain in the business beyond 2020. She has her expertise in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI for marketing. Reekita has worked with many start-ups and established businesses from various industries like educational institutes, retail, beauty, health & fitness, IT consultant, Marketing agencies and many small businesses to scale their businesses. She is certified in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designing, Video Production, Unity & Unreal Engine, Augmented & Virtual Reality App Development, Project Management Professional and Image Consultancy Reekita holds a Master of Science degree in Project Management from Northeastern University, Accredited by PMI. She persuaded dual Bachelor’s in Psychology and Bachelor of Commercial Arts & Advertising.

What do I do best?

I am a visionary person and excellent at creating unique strategies with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for marketing & sales funnels which matches the end goals of a business along with managing multiple project portfolios for transforming businesses with digital technologies.

What makes me the best version of myself?

The most important quality about me is adapting to change. I am born and brought up in India and left my family and friends and settled in the USA when I got married. Change has been an integrated process in my life, and I understand very well what it takes to adopt change and fit into new culture and environment.

I believe the process of change is common in personal and professional life, as the main reason of change is to sustain in the existing market for long run and to sustain we need to be aware of what needs to change and why then work towards planning on how to adapt change and create new strategies and upgrade ourselves.

When I came to the USA I knew no one here and had to go to college to upgrade myself, learn about the work culture, understand people to create new relationships and change my thinking process to fit into US culture.

Hence, I think I am good with understanding what needs to change, why, when along with understanding various personalities and train others on how to adapt the process of change and fit into new culture due to my Bachelor's of Psychology and Masters in Project Management.

What are my aspirations?

My personal and business goals are common that is to solve the problem of communication, travel and connect personally.

My personal and professional desire is to create a platform for communication where you can be physically present with others in a fully immersive environment, share, engage and connect personally with others. Thus, Bridging the gap between distance and presence.

My ambition is to help others connect personally and build stronger, valuable relationships by bridging the gap of distance, time and cost with the help of mixed reality, augmented reality and virtual reality. Moreover, help the research for curing diseases with latest technologies.

Business ambition:  Today customers have a hard time trusting brands due to multiple options available in the market and customers want to connect with brands personally, but due to lack of time they cannot travel to stores which are somewhat a disappointment for brands and customers, and I want to bridge that gap between retail and e-commerce and help brands create enhanced customers shopping experiences along with better marketing and sales processes.

My Biggest Success?

My most significant achievement is yet to accomplish, but some of my accomplishments that I have looked back and learned from are turning education startups into multi-million dollar company in a span of 1 year and growing it into a brand. Now the company has opened multiple franchises in various locations in India. Have helped different start-up companies to develop and implement the latest technologies for automation.

Turning my weakest moments of the life into my passion for building my own business and growing them. Currently, I  have partnered and launched three new companies for helping others transform their companies and implement the latest technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Artificial Intelligence into their business process, marketing and sales process.

My Most Challenging Moment?

My motivation behind this was when I came to the USA my grandmother had cancer, and I badly wanted to go back and see, but due to immigration laws and visa status, I could not go to meet her and hug during the last days of her life. So, I don't want anyone to experience the same thing in his or her life. Due to this reason, I came across mixed reality five years from now, and I never stopped. Ever since, I want to build a platform where users can visit their loved ones and be with them in their homes or outdoors and spend quality time and connect personally for any meetings, training or events. Also, give as much as I can to research communities to cure various diseases

My Motto?

“Today people are the most effective channel for your Marketing and Speed is the new currency of business, so we must value three most important pillars for success: Time, People and the way we communicate with others.”

“The biggest risks in the world is not taking any risks at all, in the world that is changing quickly. So the only strategy guaranteed to fail your business is not taking any risks to transform your business with the latest technologies that are changing the way consumers behave and engage with products and services.”

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My parents are the role models Mother has taught me how to keep balance and harmony in family life and without her support, I would not have taken risks in my life. She has always motivated to do what I wanted to and let me follow my dreams.

Seeing my father growing from a street boy to a millionaire with all his hard work, strategies and honesty have always pushed me to work hard and give back to the society. He has taught me how to grow and give away to the community for helping others. “Be Grateful to God, Balance personal and professional life to keep the Family together, and Charity is the three most important lessons  I have always learned from him”  he is my biggest strength in life.

Walt Disney:  Seeing his persistence and success after multiple failures in setting up his dream business has always made me push harder to never give up on my ideas. Today Walt Disney’s entire set-up including moves, merchandise and theme parks-is worth billions.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

Orlando- Disney World.  It brings fantasy to reality and makes us believe in our dreams

My Favorite Products/Objects?

VR Devices (Oculus Go, Rift, and Vive Pro), Smart Phones, Leap motion Universal VR Developer Bundle, Myo Gesture Control Armband, Lifeprint Portable AR Printer and Tobii Eye Tracker for PC

My Current Passions?

My Current Passion is to keep myself updated with the current market trends to make my dream into reality and bridge the gap between distance and place along with building businesses and spreading awareness about latest technologies to help companies to sustain in coming years