Evin Shutt: Chief Operating Officer & Partner, 72andSunny

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As the first employee of 72andSunny, Evin represents a significant piece of our foundation and keeps us grounded by conserving our optimistic culture while scaling the business exponentially. Evin is responsible for helping further our mission to expand and diversify the creative class and continues to foster our long-term partnership with Da Vinci Schools, a Los Angeles-based network of charter schools, among other initiatives. At home, Evin and her husband are usually found trying to cheer on her beloved Green Bay Packers amongst the chaos of life with their twins and dog, Lambeau.

What do I do best?

Avoiding questions talking about what I do best.  

Simplifying complicated things to get momentum toward a solution.

What makes me the best version of myself?

Believing in best intentions, being direct and preparing for surprises.

I believe people are genuinely good and approach all situations that way. Yes, everyone has an agenda, but I don’t believe that’s a bad thing. It’s human nature. Just ask them what it is and be upfront about yours. I choose to embrace it, which allows for positive interactions and relationships. That way collaboration happens more seamlessly and things often get done faster and better!

I also prepare for the what if’s. Probably a bit obsessively, but it’s not because I think they are going to happen or people have bad intentions. It’s just in case. I’ve had to use my backup plans a gazillion times, but that doesn’t change my approach. People are good! I want people to win. I’ll ask you what you want and I’ll tell you what I want. I’ll be prepared for Armageddon, but in the meantime, let’s win together!

What are my aspirations?

Business-wise, it’s to make sure the strategic and creative fire power of 72andSunny  has a positive impact on our people, our clients and the world.

Personally, it’s to be kind, create opportunity for others and laugh as much as possible.

My Biggest Success?

Raising twins to 5-years-old who seem to be good humans, so far.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Before 72andSunny, I was a teacher, but I realized I was teaching because I felt I was supposed to. I had a desire to make a difference in kids’ lives but something was missing. I didn’t feel like I was my best and full me in that role. Taking time to think about what made me happy and when I was my “best me” versus just what I thought I needed to be doing or what others expected me to be doing was scary but freeing. The commitment to evaluating what I wanted and to staying patient in learning a new job and industry, all to get to where I wanted to be, was an incredibly challenging transition but such an important lesson for me personally and professionally.

My Motto?

Just ask.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

Children. They are fearless and incredibly adaptive. Their wisdom is so pure and true.  As adults, when we truly observe and listen to them, we learn so much. Their resilience and bravery is astounding. There’s so much newness in their lives daily and they take it all on. That and they find fun and play in just about anything. We all need more of all those things in our lives.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

California’s Central Coast. The air, the oak trees, the blue of the sky, the wine.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

Chatbooks for making books from the pictures of my kids’ artwork (so I have it forever but don’t have to store piles and piles of paper).

Bright pink nail polish. I mean obnoxiously, bright pink.

My Current Passions?

Learning to farm lavender. I’m reading lots of agricultural books and watching a lot of YouTube tutorials currently as I fall asleep at night. I’m learning about ground squirrels and the plethora of tractor implements. And I love it.