Hilary Unger: Founder, Perianth Design + Buy My Eye

Design is a way of life. Your home or workplace is not simply a reflection of your taste, it directly inspires your energy, creativity and productivity. Founded in 1996 by Hilary Unger with the philosophy that there is no need to choose between high design and livability, Perianth is a full-service interior design firm based in New York City providing services for both residential and commercial projects.

What do you love most about NYC?

What I love most about NYC is the energy, the people from every cross-section of life. I love the fact that you can't put anything past anybody! ...and that this city is a total inspiration for me from the minute I wake up to the hour I go to sleep and beyond... my senses are filled with whatever I need, want, seek and even what I have had enough of at any moment in time! I thrive on this inspiration to feed the concepts of my firm Perianth Design + Buy My Eye.

What's happening at:

6:00am - the sun's coming up; doing face yoga, listening to the construction of the new building across the street. Thinking about the exciting day ahead...always something new! Fully aware that somewhere across the world -- like in Tel Aviv, someone's swimming at my favorite beach.

10:00am -  I have daily design and admin meetings with my staff at the Perianth Design studio. I'll be reaching out to contractors, clients and vendors and building fabric, material schemes and designing furniture.

12:00pm - When I'm out on job sites to check progress on construction; shopping and meetings with clients, either for decorating Buy My Eye consultations or full-blown installs.

7:00pm - Dinner and homework with my son, if I'm not at an industry event. I'm just starting to get back out more!

11:00pm - The world around me is spinning and happening, but my inner world is quiet. Dreaming of waking up in Venice with Italian espresso!

Where do you enjoy getting lost in NYC?

Definitely the lower lower East Side (East of Christie Street); and also Canal Street, looking at gold jewelry shops with my son, and also discovering all the sneaker and any other hype-clothing joints around the city (he's 11)!