Robin Baron: Celebrity interior designer, lifestyle expert & luxury home furnishings designer

Robin Baron, celebrity interior designer, lifestyle expert, and luxury home furnishings designer, brings a striking sense of style to everything she does. With passion and expertise in all things décor and lifestyle, Robin thrives on creating unique and fabulous furnishings and interiors, while maintaining active involvement in the design community. Robin’s clientele includes many celebrities and heads of major corporations. Robin has significant experience on TV, video and radio, and her work has been featured in many print and online publications. Robin enjoys providing lifestyle and design tips through her award-winning blog “Simplifying Fabulous!” and her multi-platform social media presence.

(Client Ryan Serhant's home, Star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing)

What do you love most about NYC?

Everything! I am a NYC girl! You can immerse yourself in whatever your interests are, there is never a dull moment…and of course, we have the BEST, and most varied food in the world!

What’s happening at:

6:00 AM – I’m not quite up yet. I get up at about 7:15. Upon waking, I meditate, visualize, catch up on the morning’s first emails, and review the news. I need to center myself and set my intentions before I dive into my day.

10:00 AM – This is when my appointments begin. My days are typically back-to-back day starting at 10:00 AM, so I plug in my mobile order for a Soy Chai from Starbucks and get going!

12:00 PM – I’d like to say that I stop for lunch, but I keep going instead. It’s usually around 2:00 PM that I’ll realize, “OMG, I better eat something!” Those who know me can always tell when I need to eat…it’s THAT obvious!

7:00 PM – This is when I start to wind down my work day. I’m usually out all day and return to my office at about 5:00 to meet with my staff until about 6:00-6:30, then I do my follow-up, and by 7:00-7:30, I go to an evening event, dinner, or if I’m lucky, home!

11:00 PM – It would be ideal if I went to bed at 11:00, but for me, my evening is still going strong at 11:00. It’s my private, quiet time to myself. Don’t even ask me what time I go to sleep! :)

Where do you enjoy getting lost in NYC?

I can lose myself almost anywhere in NYC. There is so much to see and experience. Whether it’s walking by the Hudson River, in Central Park, or exploring the NoLiTa, NYC is the most wonderful place to explore. All that said, the theater is my absolute favorite… I couldn’t live without it!