Tom La Vecchia: Founder, X Factor Media & New Theory

Tom La Vecchia, Proud Native Society Member. Founder of X Factor Media and popular online magazine and podcast New Theory.

What do you love most about NYC?

NYC is always on as you can eat almost any kind of cuisine 24/7, meet good and interesting people and provides the best cultural experiences in the world!

Favorite Meal?

This is a tough one as I love the porterhouse at DelFrisco’s (despite being a tourist trap), a good Mamoun's Schwarma (McDougal Street location) or Ravioli’s at Angelo’s (too bad it burned down, can’t wait for it to reopen)

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Sleeping

10:00 AM - Checking my emails and getting rid of all hard to complete tasks out the way.  Also putting my “20 mile march” into action for my accounts including getting them real time press based on the news cycle.  I also check yesterday’s performance for all of our clients sites and make sure we’re reaching our objectives (Awareness, leads, etc).  

12:00 PM - Take a walk and get some lunch or make something real quick, I make it a point to listen to a podcast, a book on tape, o watch something productive as I take a break.  I work from home and take full advantage of it.  When I start back up I spend an hour approving content for our online magazine New Theory as well as conduct my own podcast interview (2-3 per week).

7:00 PM - If I’m with the kids having dinner with them and being present while enjoying their company and building lasting memories. I’m learning to cook so either I’m burning something or we have to order takeout.

11:00 PM - Lately, having a end of the night cigar while collecting my thoughts.  I also make it a point to plan the next day.  In NYC I’m usually at Macanudo or Gigar INN  on 53rd.

Favorite Drink?

Old Fashioned with Basil Hayden

Where do you enjoy getting lost in NYC?

Believe it or not, Little Italy, although not what it once was, it still has some charm that is overlooked and some newer spots are showing a classier side to the neighborhood which I love.