Pol Theis: Founder, P&T Interiors

P&T interiors - a boutique interior design firm - provides highly personalized residential design services to what has become an international client base. We work to bridge the gap between a project's full potential and the boundaries imposed by the realities of life and believe that a great design is the culmination of a tri-party relationship between a designer, a client and the space. Our role in this relationship is to translate the client's taste and lifestyle into their space while developing and maintaining a conceptual thread to ensure that the space reaches its highest potential. Every interior is as unique as the client for whom it is designed. P&T Interiors' small staff of dedicated designers and architects focuses all their attention on each and every project to ensure that even your highest expectations are exceeded. - Pol Theis

What do you love most about NYC?

NYC is thrilling! A cosmopolitan melting pot, center of design, culture and buzz. The world’s cuisines are at my fingertips (or lips), always a play to see, a concert to attend or a new artist to discover.  A place in constant motion, involving every culture under the sun and people from all walks of life. I just love being a part of it and experiencing it day in and day out.

What’s happening at:

5:30 AM – Wake up (hard) and walk (or rather get walked by) my English bulldogs, Louis and Margot.

6:15 AM – Skip to the gym as I need to say trim.

8:00 AM – Breakfast with clients, yes, designers need to catch clients outside of their business hours.

9:00 AM – Then it’s office time, answering emails (feels like a constant barrage), returning calls (while checking Facebook page and Instagram, no twitter feed) and check-in with the design and architect teams and set them up for the day.

10:30 AM – Weekly construction site visits (no helmets involved). A site a day. Entails the combined qualities of a CEO, coach, traffic tower controller, psychiatrist, ah and yes, designer…purpose is to ensure that contractors and subs follow my design visions and answer the many, many, many they have.

12:00 PM – As often as possible, but unfortunately not often enough, I try take a long lunch with ME! Quality time. This is where I do my thinking and refocus my energy on creativity. It is an important part of my process and a welcome part of my day!

3:00 PM – Afternoons are fun. They are reserved for specialty vendors and artists.  This is where I ensure that I can source and implement my vision with products and artwork. It’s also a source of inspiration. I love discovering new and upcoming artists, see their work and hear their stories.

7:00 PM – Evenings, are again ideal for client meetings! At some point it’s cocktail time, followed by a home cooked meal. I love to host…cooking is a relaxing and integral part of my evening routine.

11:00 PM – Louis and Margot time, then lights out.

Where do you enjoy getting lost in NYC?

The flea markets! Over the years, many things have changed. My love of the flea markets is what got me into the business and has been with me forever. It has withstood the test of time. I love the search, and the stories behind the treasures that can be found. It’s inspiring and thought provoking.