Laura Herde: Life, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach

My NativeAdVantage:


I am Laura Herde, a 22-year-old girl from Germany who loves expressing herself through words and pictures, being creative, eating vegan food, working towards her goals and exploring this beautiful world we are living in. I have finished the study course Media Communication & Journalism at university in 2018 and currently work full time as a content creator for both my blog & Instagram channel besides being a personal online coach.

What do I do best?

What I do best is helping people transform by listening, sharing my own story, inspiring with my lifestyle and sharing my visions. I am leading by example and thus, those around me feel the desire to transform their lives as well.

One of my biggest strengths is my persistence – when I set my mind to accomplishing something, I do everything in my power to make it happen.

I am very good at motivating and inspiring other people to turn into the best versions of themselves possible. That’s what I also teach my clients in coaching sessions.

I am helping female entrepreneurs who feel stuck in life and unfulfilled with where they are at, who want to make changes in their lives. I am supporting women in their 20’s and 30’s to find a WHY in life. My job is to offer guidance to those who aim for an alignment of mind, body and spirit to find and sustain a healthy work-life-balance. By asking the right questions, my clients and I dig deeper into their minds and uncover underlying self-limiting beliefs. Together, we tap into the subconsciousness of my client and re-set the mind so that more positive, empowering thoughts and stories find their way into her life. It’s all about overwriting those old stories and creating new ones.

I am very good at expressing myself through words which most often end up as captions that I like to share on Instagram with my world-wide audience of people interested in personal growth, mindset, spirituality and living a healthy lifestyle.

I am very emphatic and can easily sense how other people feel in a certain situation. I am good at giving other people genuine compliments and making them feel good about themselves. Another strength of mine that helps me with my own business is that I am very good at organizing and planning projects, events and trips. I am a dreamer and a doer. By writing down my goals and breaking them down into smaller action steps, I always have a structured plan which helps me turn my visions into reality.

What makes me the best version of myself?

I am the best version of myself when I choose to surrender, accept and practice love and patience for what is. When I am in the state of flow and do what I love.

My most important quality has to be my passion and drive. I am a very enthusiastic person who always puts things into action as soon as a decision has been made. What also makes me the best version of myself is the fact that I am very ambitious and always know what I want. I then can easily figure out how to get to where I want to be. Since I have a very clear and strong vision, I am willing to make sacrifices if needed in order to get to where I eventually see myself.

I am also very resilient, persuasive and charismatic. My organization skills also played a huge roll in getting me to where I am today.

What are my aspirations?

My personal goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from. I want to find balance in every single aspect of life.

My personal ambitions are to make this world a better place and change society’s standards. I want to have a deep impact on the way people are living their lives, how they interact with other people, how they take care of their own health and want to spread awareness about the importance of living a conscious life. I want to raise the vibration of this planet and spread awareness, love and light wherever I go. The ultimate goal is to make people feel comfortable about themselves and motivate them to turn their dreams, visions and goals into reality.

My personal desire is to be able to make time every day for what makes my soul happy.

My business goals are to be able to reach out to and inspire as many people as possible with my thoughts and the lifestyle I am actively leading. Long-term, I am planning to launch the Mind-Body-Soul-Collective, a community of like-minded individuals aspiring to work on bettering themselves and their lives and thus, having a positive impact on the world around them.

My business-related ambitions are to build a network of lightworkers, of like-minded individuals over time. I am inviting all of those to join who dare to dream big and aspire to make a difference. People who want to become the best versions of themselves possible - physically, spiritually and mentally. I want to surround myself with and co-create with those kinds of people whose goal is to change the game of this world we are living in.

My future business is going to be a world-wide, well known holistic health and life coach. I am planning to write many different e-books, start my own podcast, offer online programs and create as much valuable content as possible.

My long-term goal is to host retreats all over the world, hold empowering speeches at events and make a positive change in other people’s lives as I go along. I can also see myself working together with big brands on impactful campaigns to spread a positive and uplifting message.

My Biggest Success?

My biggest success in life so fa has been to overcome my depression and pull myself out of this dark, deep hole of unconsciousness, of destructive thought patterns and an overall negative mentality. I managed to change my mindset and my view on things in life all by myself and want to offer guidance and help to those who don’t want to start this journey on their own.

Back when I was low, I started reflecting on myself, my identity, my thoughts and actions. I surely was brutally honest with myself and this was oh so necessary in order to make a long-lasting change.

I then consciously started working on myself, trying to become the kind of person I always imagined to turn into.

Eventually, I transformed into a completely different being. Over time, I learned about true friendship, my core values and how much your physical health affects your mental health – and vice versa.

Along the way, I started truly loving myself for the person that I am, for all my flaws and mistakes. I finally chose to accept them, embrace them and love them.

My Most Challenging Moment?

Choosing to drown in unhappiness and depression or choosing to start truly living again. Starting to work on myself, taking charge of my own life and transforming every aspect of my human existence instead of staying where I was comfortable.

The most challenging moment of this human existence was choosing life. Otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today; I wouldn’t be here anymore.

My Motto?

My favorite mantras have to be the following ones:

I am love.

I am the creator of my own life.

I am capable, brave and strong.

I am spreading love and light wherever I go.

As I am stepping into my own power and let love shine, I am inspiring those around me to do the same. I am living and leading by example.

I serve and shine.

I am raising the vibration of this planet with my thoughts of love, my words of wisdom and my acts of kindness.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My favorite person on this whole entire planet is my mum. She helped me and supported me back when I was depressed, broken and willing to give up on myself. My mum has been by my site when I pushed everyone away and kept believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

My closest friends also mean the world to me. They inspire me to become the best version of myself every single day, they love me unconditionally, genuinely want best for me and support me in everything I do. These girls are gems.

My favorite role models are Alyse (@rawalignment), Yovana Medoza (@rawvana), and Cornelia Grismo (@grimcorn).

I get inspired by my all-time inspiration Madeleine Daria Alizadeh (@dariadaria) every single day. This incredible woman is a true game changer. Her love and generosity inspire me daily.

My Favorite Places/Destinations?

I love Los Angeles and Cape Town.

But I also can’t wait to go to Hawaii next year.

My Favorite Products/Objects?

I love books. Whether that’s audio books or printed ones. I am the biggest nerd ever, haha.

And I love natural beauty products, ethical fashion pieces and all things zero waste. I also have to admit, I have a weakness for jewelry. And fresh flowers. And white bed sheets. The scent of my favorite perfume. One of my favorite apps are blinkist and flow jam.

My Current Passions?

I love working with and helping people stepping into their own power. I love sharing my knowledge and opinion on living a holistic lifestyle, mind-body-soul-alignment, life design and self-love.

I truly enjoy writing for my blog that I launched last year and can’t wait to start my own podcast this year as I love talking about my passions.

I also get into a state of flow when I am creating new content for my Instagram feed @laura.herde, I really like taking pictures and editing them. I always get excited about being creative and expressing myself through words and pictures. Working with other like-minded and talented creatives is also a lot of fun. And I love traveling and meeting new people.

I am extremely excited for my upcoming travels in December as I am heading back to Cape Town with one of my best friends for 5 weeks of content creation.

I absolutely love connecting

What I also enjoy is working out, cooking healthy plant-based food and taking walks in nature. I love spending time with friends sharing past stories and future aspirations as well as just enjoying each other’s company.