Dana Slamp: Prema Yoga Institute Founder & ERYT500 Certified Yoga Therapist


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Favorite Instagram Account? I have the inverse relationship with Instagram than most small business owners: My private account, @danapremayoga, is where I put the more flashy yoga tutorials, and @premayogainstitute is where I keep up with our students in a more cozy way. As for apps, the Insight Timer is a great go-to for meditation. I can set it to “gong” at certain intervals for Kundalini meditations.

What should everyone try at least once? A yoga retreat. Yoga is ideal outdoors, and we so often miss that connection with the earth in the city.  It’s also pretty great to explore what it’s like to be healthy on vacation instead of just overeating & overdrinking.

Where do you enjoy getting lost? On the beach, or in the Hudson Valley hiking.  Either way, you can just use the water to find your way home.