Mala Singh: EVP & Chief People Officer, Electronic Arts

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My Q&A Profile: The Native Influence


Biggest Success:

I think my biggest success so far, and while it’s not over yet, is that I’m raising globally conscious kids. They travel, they are open, they are curious. For example, when we spent eight days in Japan,my kids didn’t have a single Western meal during the entire time, it affirmed that they are growing up with a genuine appreciation for other cultures and different experiences They walked away from the Japan trip with a list of all the other places they want explore.

Most Challenging Moment:

I am a proud product of immigration. I was born in Guyana, South America. I’m of Indian origin, three generations removed from India. My ancestors were indentured servants during the British Empire.  When they abolished slavery, they moved Indians to many of the other as laborers. Entire villages of people of Indian descent moved to places like Africa, Fiji, England, the Caribbean, and British Guyana. After British Independence, Guyana deteriorated in pretty dramatic ways and most Guyanese citizens who had any means, left. My family left Guyana, and we settled into working-class New Jersey just outside of New York, into what was a very difficult situation. We struggled financially, we were the only kids of color in our school system at the time, both parents were gone working most of the day and overall, life was super-challenging.