Bipin Baloni: Yoga Teacher


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My Action of the Day: Talking to my students and making them understand the true aspect of yoga which is way beyond just the physical exercises (asanas).Spread the message of yoga through my teachings as well as help my students to improve their personal practice through tips, advises, demonstrations and recommendations.

Favorite breakfast meal& restaurant? Being a yogi, I follow a simple vegetarian diet throughout the day. My day starts with a glass of lukewarm water with a little bit of lemon juice. For breakfast, I usually have some oats with milk and honey and a glass of fresh fruit juice. My afternoon meal is more of a ‘Sattvic’ diet which includes boiled rice, chapatti (Indian flatbread), daal (lentil soup), vegetable curry and green salad. Dinner is usually light and consists of a few chapattis with a vegetable curry. I hardly have outside food but when I do, my favorite is ‘Amrit Ganga Café’ in Rishikesh.

Dana Slamp: Prema Yoga Institute Founder & ERYT500 Certified Yoga Therapist


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Favorite Instagram Account? I have the inverse relationship with Instagram than most small business owners: My private account, @danapremayoga, is where I put the more flashy yoga tutorials, and @premayogainstitute is where I keep up with our students in a more cozy way. As for apps, the Insight Timer is a great go-to for meditation. I can set it to “gong” at certain intervals for Kundalini meditations.

What should everyone try at least once? A yoga retreat. Yoga is ideal outdoors, and we so often miss that connection with the earth in the city.  It’s also pretty great to explore what it’s like to be healthy on vacation instead of just overeating & overdrinking.

Where do you enjoy getting lost? On the beach, or in the Hudson Valley hiking.  Either way, you can just use the water to find your way home.

Jess Frey: 1,000-hour Kripalu Yoga teacher and mindfulness educator, 500-hour Kripalu Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Bodyworker, Transformational Life Coach, Life Explorer, and Art Enthusiast


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My Tip of the Day: You belong here. You are here for a reason. Discover why. Bring it forth.

My Question of the day: How will you inspire your own magnificence? (from my teacher Maria Siros) and Who would you be if you believed nothing was wrong with you?

What should everyone try at least once? Eating with your fingers, sky diving, silent meditation retreat, skinny dipping in the ocean, to be single, immerse oneself in another culture on a different continent than you live, love fully and freely, witness/be apart of a birth and a crossing over/death, do something that scares you or nudges you out of your comfort zone.

Kate Davies: YO BK Owner


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My Deed of the Day: I opened my second yoga studio last month, so there’s lots to do these days. Today, I created a program to mentor new teachers and support their growth at the studios. I’m also curating a retreat to Nicaragua this March, which is so fun to plan!

What should everyone try at least once? Everyone should try our hot pilates class! It’s high-intensity interval training mixed with pilates moves and is intense, energetic and so fun! We bump the music and have a disco ball!

Where do you enjoy getting lost? In the Met. I grew up in New York and love visiting my old friends at the Greco-Roman wing and the Temple of Dendur.

Paula Tursi: Reflections Center for Conscious Living & Yoga Founder


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My Thought of the Day: I am love and limitless

What should everyone try at least once? To be honest even when it feels really uncomfortable. As humans we avoid the truth because we down like the feel of confrontation. When I have pushed through that and did so with love it made a huge difference. Next to that it would say eye gazing with someone you really care about. Its amazing!  

Where do you enjoy getting lost? In the woods. There is nothing better for me than taking a hike smelling the trees. It truly feels like god to me.

Sasha Nelson: yoga instructor & wellness + lifestyle consultant

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Sasha Nelson is a yoga instructor, wellness + lifestyle consultant, and sustainability enthusiast based in Brooklyn. She supports communities and individuals to integrate wellness practices into their modern lifestyles. An avid traveler, she seeks to discover and introduce yogic principles and practices in the form of food and culture worldwide, currently through Mindful Morning events and Goddess Brunch.

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