Bipin Baloni: Yoga Teacher


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My Action of the Day: Talking to my students and making them understand the true aspect of yoga which is way beyond just the physical exercises (asanas).Spread the message of yoga through my teachings as well as help my students to improve their personal practice through tips, advises, demonstrations and recommendations.

Favorite breakfast meal& restaurant? Being a yogi, I follow a simple vegetarian diet throughout the day. My day starts with a glass of lukewarm water with a little bit of lemon juice. For breakfast, I usually have some oats with milk and honey and a glass of fresh fruit juice. My afternoon meal is more of a ‘Sattvic’ diet which includes boiled rice, chapatti (Indian flatbread), daal (lentil soup), vegetable curry and green salad. Dinner is usually light and consists of a few chapattis with a vegetable curry. I hardly have outside food but when I do, my favorite is ‘Amrit Ganga Café’ in Rishikesh.