Brandon Brown: The Mind Trust CEO


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My Goal of the Day: Maximize the opportunities in front of us to make one more day of progress to ensure more kids in our city have access to a great school.

My Tip of the Day: Assume the best in others.  It makes for a more joyful and hopeful existence.

What do you love most about Your City?  Indianapolis is a city that consistently punches above its weight class.  A few decades ago, we made up our mind that we were going to be the Sports Capital of the World… and we did it.  We have a long track record of incredible mayors who tackled big ideas and consistently built off of each other’s success.  We are a burgeoning tech hub, a place where public-private partnerships are part of our DNA, and a city where people truly embody “Midwestern Nice.”  Most importantly, though, we are the best positioned city in the country to transform our education system so that every student has access to a great public school.