Paula Tursi: Reflections Center for Conscious Living & Yoga Founder


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My Thought of the Day: I am love and limitless

What should everyone try at least once? To be honest even when it feels really uncomfortable. As humans we avoid the truth because we down like the feel of confrontation. When I have pushed through that and did so with love it made a huge difference. Next to that it would say eye gazing with someone you really care about. Its amazing!  

Where do you enjoy getting lost? In the woods. There is nothing better for me than taking a hike smelling the trees. It truly feels like god to me.

Christina Schwefel: Founder, Forme Barre Fitness


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My Goal of the Day? Stay Present

What drink do you need to get through the day? I am a big fan of honey, lemon and ginger hot elixir. I like to drink one or two a day if I can. But I do always start my day with coffee. And sometimes that turns into 3 coffees depending on the day…

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? There are several apps I use every almost day: Waze, Shazam, Uber, InstaCart, Starbucks, NeoU, Dark Sky - Instagram Account: The Dogist

What should everyone try at least once? Transcendental Meditation