Michelle Wing: Founder, It's Yoga Kids®

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My Q&A Profile: The Native Influence


Biggest Success:

My biggest success to date is ensuring my family and It’s Yoga Kids® thrive! When we opened in 2005, we had a 3 year old, and a new baby. Very few kids in the community had been exposed to Yoga. With three years of research and development to teach Yoga to kids safely and successfully, and our life savings invested, we were optimistic, but uncertain. Kids LOVED it, but we had to work very hard to educate parents and educators about its benefits, and why Yoga should be a priority for child development. Over a decade later, we have taught and trained over a thousand teachers and families worldwide and It’s Yoga Kids® is becoming a thought leader and influencer for children’s wellness.


My mother learned from her mother, and taught me, This Too Shall Pass. It’s as good reminder that nothing is permanent. My dad taught me, Attitude Determines Altitude, and to always find ways to make things work. My husband reminds me to Relax And Win. These happen to be his initials. 😉