Kerstin Neuber: Senior Head of Communications, PUMA


My NativeAdVert:

Kerstin Neuber is Senior Head of Communications at Sports brand PUMA and responsible for Corporate, HR and Brand Communications. Before she joined the German company in 2007, she worked as a stock market reporter and business journalist for news agency Reuters in Frankfurt and London. After she graduated in English and Portuguese linguistics and cultural sciences from University of Mainz, she kicked off her professional career as a stock trader with an international investment bank in Frankfurt.

My Goal of the Day: Make it happen. Shock everyone.

My Thought of the Day: If you can dream it, you can do it.

My Action of the Day: Making time to share my knowledge and experience with trainees and young co-workers.

My Deed of the Day: I am trying to make my lifestyle more and more sustainable by using renewable electricity, separating my garbage, avoiding plastic where possible and travelling rather by train than plane.

My Tip of the Day: Get on a Chi Machine for 10 minutes and you will feel an amazing energy flow.

My Pic of the Day:


What do you love most about Your City?

After having lived in London for some years, I love the peacefulness and convenience that Nuremberg offers. Hardly any traffic (at least nothing what Londoners would call traffic), a variety of ethnic restaurants and bars in walking distance and in a beautiful historic Old Town setting plus art exhibitions and a high-quality theatre. A nature reserve perfect for hiking, climbing and biking is just a 30-minute drive away and comes with a high density of traditional breweries. All I just need.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

I am fan of intermittent fasting, so I skip breakfast quite often. If I don’t, I will go for an avocado/ melon or apple/almond/cinnamon smoothie. Avocado toast with eggs and salmon is more than welcome at the weekends.

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Meditating. 20 minutes every day does the trick for my inner peace.

10:00 AM – I will be in meetings or media interviews or signing off media materials. If it’s none of these, it’s emails, for sure.

12:00 PM – Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

The roof terrace of the PUMA headquarters restaurant in Herzogenaurach. It offers a beautiful countryside view and it’s the perfect spot to chat with teammates over lunch.

7:00 PM – Either on my horse or in a yoga or TRX class in our office gym.

11:00 PM – In bed, asleep already or still listening to a podcast.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

Right after I wake up, I have a large glass of warm lemon water. Then it’s black coffee while I get ready, before I move on to sparkling water and ginger tea in the office. For dinner, I don’t say “no” to a glass of Merlot.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

Most used app: It’s got to be Spotify.

Favourite Social Media account: Nutrition and interior design pins on Pinterest.

What should everyone try at least once?

I once crossed the Namib desert on horseback from Windhoek to Swakopmund. We rode 10 hours every day and slept on camp beds under the stars. It was the most amazing adventure being so close to nature and wild animals. But being deprived of all luxury and sanitary facilities for two weeks, you can bet that you will again appreciate the things in life we usually take for granted – such as running water and a warm shower. Highly recommended for the ultimate relaxation and to restore gratefulness.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

In the woods, on my horse.