Jennifer Wilcox: The James H. Manning Chaired Professor of Chemical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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My Thought of the Day: That my daughter has the same access to nature throughout her life, as we all do today

What are you doing at: 6:00 AM – working out with my daughter before school

10:00 AM – full swing of trying to save the planet – either in meetings and/or writing

12:00 PM – Favorite Lunch spot/meal? Lobster rolls are my splurge

Lydia Machova: Language Mentoring Founder


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My Goal of the Day: To inspire at least one person every day to working on themselves, for example by learning a language.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? Slack to communicate with my team, and also Messenger to stay in touch with friends.

What should everyone try at least once? Travel solo. So many people are afraid to just leave their home without a precise plan of where they’ll end up and whom they’ll meet. These things always figure themselves out by themselves, if you just open up to the possibility of someone or something amazing crossing your life path. It’s incredibly easy today with hostels and apps such as Couchsurfing Hangouts, Meetup and so many Facebook groups to find interesting people on your travels.

Jess Frey: 1,000-hour Kripalu Yoga teacher and mindfulness educator, 500-hour Kripalu Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Bodyworker, Transformational Life Coach, Life Explorer, and Art Enthusiast


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My Tip of the Day: You belong here. You are here for a reason. Discover why. Bring it forth.

My Question of the day: How will you inspire your own magnificence? (from my teacher Maria Siros) and Who would you be if you believed nothing was wrong with you?

What should everyone try at least once? Eating with your fingers, sky diving, silent meditation retreat, skinny dipping in the ocean, to be single, immerse oneself in another culture on a different continent than you live, love fully and freely, witness/be apart of a birth and a crossing over/death, do something that scares you or nudges you out of your comfort zone.

Viorica Marian: Psycholinguist, Cognitive Scientist, Northwestern University professor


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My Thought of the Day: This quote by Albert Camus: “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

What should everyone try at least once? Traveling to a new place. Learning another language. It is amazing how the simple act of learning another language can open our minds to new perspectives, cultures, and ways of thinking and can change how we see others and the world. It can also open the door to new relationships and adventures. I think if politicians knew another language and were exposed to other cultures the world would be better.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?  In a museum. In music. In love. 

Dr. Madelyn Blair: Speaker, Author, Executive advisor & Founder, Pelerei


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My Goal of the Day: My daily goal is to stay ‘in practice.’ Practice for me is sitting in silence for 5 minutes, reflecting on who I am, posing a question for the day, and last, but not least, deciding on the most important thing I should do for the day. That simple set of practices keeps me resilient no matter what is happening around me – and resilience is essential.

What do you love most about Your City? I actually live in the country. My view is of grass and trees with mountains in the distance. That said, I actually enjoy cities very much. New York, for example, is filled with energy. You can feel it when you walk down the street. I seem to be able to do more when I’m in NYC. Washington, which is closer to me, is a city best described as beautiful and heavy with history. I get more done when in New York.

Annita Perez Sawyer: Author, Psychologist & Faculty Member at Yale Medical School


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My Action of the Day: Although my schedule doesn’t always allow it, I try to walk for at least a half hour every day. It gives me a chance to stride and feel tall, to reflect on my life and ideas and hopes and dreams.

My Deed of the Day: Because of my book, and sometimes my talk or my papers, graduate students or young clinicians contact me. They need to share struggles with demons from a psychiatric past that they are required to keep secret in their present situation. I feel honored to be trusted and eager to offer comfort—just knowing someone else understands can make the unbearable tolerable. So we converse by email.

What do you love most about Your City? I love many things about Northampton. I love the architecture, the history, and especially the people—they’re all ages, all types— real individuals who appear friendly and content to be themselves. I love that most side streets are narrow and cars really do stop for people in the zebra striped crosswalks. This keeps the pace manageable and reflects the thoughtful, welcoming atmosphere.

Cecilia Dintino: Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, Columbia University Medical Center

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Cecilia Dintino is a psychologist and drama therapist in private practice in New York City. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology at Columbia University Medical Center, The Women’s Program, and adjunct faculty with New York University’s Program in Drama Therapy.

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Magda Osman: Associate Professor of Experimental psychology, Queen Mary University of London

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Magda Osman is an Associate Professor of Experimental psychology at Queen Mary University of London and is currently on secondment to the government working on subjects that help inform policy issues around risk and behavioural insights around food policy.

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Dr. Jessica Pierce: Bioethicist, Author, & Expert on ethical aspects of human-animal interactions

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Hi. My name is Jessica Pierce and I’m a writer and bioethicist. My work explores a broad range of ethical issues in biology, medicine, and human-animal relations. I’ve written ten books, including The Last Walk: Reflections on Our Pets at the Ends of Their Lives and Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets.

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Kira Willey: Award-winning children’s music artist, kids’ yoga & mindfulness expert, speaker, & Creator, Rockin’ Yoga school programs

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Kira Willey is an award-winning children’s music artist, kids’ yoga & mindfulness expert, speaker, and creator of Rockin’ Yoga school programs. Kira’s four releases of yoga albums for kids have all won numerous industry awards and earned national acclaim

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Herman Aguinis: Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar & Professor of Management, The George Washington University School of Business

Herman Aguinis is the Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Management at The George Washington University School of Business. His research, teaching, and consulting address how to acquire and deploy talent in organizations.

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