Lydia Machova: Language Mentoring Founder


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My Goal of the Day: To inspire at least one person every day to working on themselves, for example by learning a language.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? Slack to communicate with my team, and also Messenger to stay in touch with friends.

What should everyone try at least once? Travel solo. So many people are afraid to just leave their home without a precise plan of where they’ll end up and whom they’ll meet. These things always figure themselves out by themselves, if you just open up to the possibility of someone or something amazing crossing your life path. It’s incredibly easy today with hostels and apps such as Couchsurfing Hangouts, Meetup and so many Facebook groups to find interesting people on your travels.

Lynn Greenberg: Pivt Enterprise Founder & CEO


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My Thought of the Day: Nothing great ever happens from your comfort zone.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)? A cup or two of coffee in the morning usually does the trick for the day.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? Pivt Enterprise App (of course!)

Germain Chastel: NewtonX Founder & CEO


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How did you get the idea for your company? The idea for NewtonX formed when I was with McKinsey & Company, and realized that there was a massive pain point both in the management consulting industry and across enterprise organizations: Access to expert knowledge from C-suite executives, global influencers or niche subject matter experts didn’t exist in the market. My colleagues and I consistently needed reliable data from highly specific populations to effectively do our jobs, but had no way of accessing this data at scale. Additionally, I often needed this access under tight time constraints, but no firm in the market would be able to give me the access I needed by my deadline. In this, I saw a missed opportunity for automation – the industry is a perfect use case for AI today.

Payal Kadakia: Classpass Founder

Payal Kadakia Highlights Her Story For The Native Society

Payal Kadakia Highlights Her Story For The Native Society

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My Tip of the Day: Make it your priority to equip yourself with the skills and tools to succeed. Also, take the time to reflect on your purpose, and then chase it with zeal. True purpose will lead you on the right path every time.

My Goal of the Day: To keep making progress towards achieving my mission, and to use every minute with intention. Time is our most valuable asset. I won’t waste it. 

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

  • Green tea in the morning and then a glass of water as often as possible 

Polina Montano: Co-Founder & COO, Job Today


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Polina Montano is the co-founder and COO of Job Today. A serial entrepreneur with a background in retail, Russian-born Polina has a history of implementing her ideas and running her own businesses. Before founding Job Today with her friend Eugene Mizin, she managed six petrol stations in her chosen home Luxembourg. This gave her the idea for a mobile hiring solution. Together, they launched Job Today in Barcelona in April 2015. Within a year, Job Today was also operational in Madrid, Paris and London. Polina studied Business Administrations in Amsterdam and holds a Master Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Luxembourg.

My Goal of the Day: Keep things moving. 

My Thought of the Day:  Eyes on the prize. Focus.

My Deed of the Day: Making sure my youngest makes it to bed on time: tomorrow is a school day!

My Tip of the Day: Life is too short to not be kind to others. Spread the joy!

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A Day in My Life:

What do you love most about Your City?

If there is a place on earth to which I refer as my city – is Barcelona.  I have many wonderful memories related to this city, both personal and professional: this is the place where my company got started, JOB TODAY was launched in Barcelona. It’s a very special feeling for a founder: when a project that till now only existed in your mind as a dream does become reality. Magic. 

Everything just comes together in Barcelona: great weather, seaside, amazing cultural life, active tech/innovation business scene, a city center full of architectural treasures and history, and last but not least - Mediterranean gastronomy…Catalonia happens to be the region of Spain with most Michelin stars restaurants, and that’s not a coincidence. 

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

If I have time – I love to go for a short swim before heading to the office in the morning (summer time obviously). The beach is usually pretty quiet at that time. I stay 10 minutes for a cappuccino and an orange juice in the chiringuito (beach bar) – the best part is watching the sea

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM –  if I can – sleeping ☺

10:00 AM – Working: catching up on my calls and emails, meetings

12:00 PM - Favorite Lunch spot/meal? Carlota – nice Catalan tapas place around the corner of our first office. I have quite a few favorite dishes there, plus they have a tiny terrace that is a luxury in this area.

7:00 PM -  heading home to have dinner with my kids and play together a little / going for an after work with friends or making it to the gym (better late than never ☺)

11:00 PM – Chilling: reading a book or articles I did not get to during the day, or watching something: movies or Netflix. Or simply chatting with my friends.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?  MANY. Morning coffee – can’t start my day without it ☺, lots of water throughout the day, glass of wine at dinner time/ after work, spicy tea as a night cap.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? Spotify, Whatsapp, Slack. Not a big Instagrammer (yet)

What should everyone try at least once? Limitless options here: from Tango dancing in Buenos Aires, or visiting Maya temples as Chichen Itza to walking streets of magic places as Jerusalem or Rome - simply listening to the history that almost every building/ street can tell, it’s almost like you can feel the time going straight through you. 

Where do you enjoy getting lost? My favorite place on earth is Barcelona. El Born and Gracia neighborhood are particularly nice to get lost in…


Masoud Motamedi: President & co-founder, LocationSmart

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Masoud Motamedi is President and a co-founder of LocationSmart. He is responsible for business operations and management of corporate resources. His successful entrepreneurial experience and operational oversight drives organizational efficiencies and execution. Prior to LocationSmart, Masoud was the President and Co-Founder of TechnoCom

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Kris Bondi: CMO, Neura

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As CMO of Neura, Inc, Kris Bondi leads the company’s efforts to increase adoption and overall mindshare. Prior to joining Neura, Kris served as Vice President of Global Marketing for, a leader in the serverless computing space. Kris’ background includes deep expertise in technology marketing with previous stints at Moka5, Sonics, TIBCO, Mashery, and Luma Technologies.

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