Michelle Wing: Founder, It's Yoga Kids®

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Biggest Success:

My biggest success to date is ensuring my family and It’s Yoga Kids® thrive! When we opened in 2005, we had a 3 year old, and a new baby. Very few kids in the community had been exposed to Yoga. With three years of research and development to teach Yoga to kids safely and successfully, and our life savings invested, we were optimistic, but uncertain. Kids LOVED it, but we had to work very hard to educate parents and educators about its benefits, and why Yoga should be a priority for child development. Over a decade later, we have taught and trained over a thousand teachers and families worldwide and It’s Yoga Kids® is becoming a thought leader and influencer for children’s wellness.


My mother learned from her mother, and taught me, This Too Shall Pass. It’s as good reminder that nothing is permanent. My dad taught me, Attitude Determines Altitude, and to always find ways to make things work. My husband reminds me to Relax And Win. These happen to be his initials. 😉

Linn Renee Sivertsen: Broker, The Agency

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Biggest Success?

Moving from a small town in Norway to London and eventually settling down in Los Angeles. I am truly living the American dream! Oh, and I just sold over $14 million in home sales in the past month!

Most Challenging Moment?

The first few home sales in real estate were the hardest to accomplish. Later on, everything became easier and even more fun! I work hard but I also try not to overwork myself. I seek balance. I try to live in the present and follow the signs the Universe sends me, so many times I do pivot, switch tactics and take unconventional steps that land me some great success stories.


‘’Treat others how you want to be treated.’’

Payal Kadakia: Classpass Founder

Payal Kadakia Highlights Her Story For The Native Society

Payal Kadakia Highlights Her Story For The Native Society

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My Tip of the Day: Make it your priority to equip yourself with the skills and tools to succeed. Also, take the time to reflect on your purpose, and then chase it with zeal. True purpose will lead you on the right path every time.

My Goal of the Day: To keep making progress towards achieving my mission, and to use every minute with intention. Time is our most valuable asset. I won’t waste it. 

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

  • Green tea in the morning and then a glass of water as often as possible 

Kelly Hoey: Author, "Build Your Dream Network"


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My Thought of the Day: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” – C.S. Lewis 

My Tip of the Day: Build relationships, and nurture your networks.

What should everyone try at least once? Being nice. 

Connor Young: Ample Founder & CEO


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My Goal of the Day: Identify and complete the most important task on my to do list. I think about what I want to get done that month and how that translates into the single most important item each day. If I am constantly working to complete the most important and essential tasks each week, this will keep me on track to accomplish monthly goals and solves the problem of overcommitting myself.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? I am a complete music nerd and am constantly listening to the Youtube Music app. The user interface and capabilities make this app a must have to stream and enjoy music all day.

Colleen McCann: Style Rituals Founder & Author of Crystal Rx


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My Goal of the Day: To be of service

What do you love most about Your City? I live & work between NY & LA. I feel blessed to be able to enjoy the creative energy of the big city as well as being able to stick my toes in the sand on a regular basis.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? I am a Virgo so I can’t lives without the Timepage calendar APP & my fav IG: @overheardnewyork

Abby Falik: Global Citizen Year CEO & Founder


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My Goal of the Day: To practice what we teach at Global Citizen Year: leaving our comfort zones, putting curiosity before judgement, and taking risks that advance equity and inclusion.  

My Tip of the Day: Work-life alignment matters more than work-life balance, and self-care is key to productivity and happiness.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?  I love getting lost in good books, joyful moments with my boys, and the Berkeley hills. In 2000, I stopped out of college and moved to Salvador, Brazil with a backpack, a book of Portuguese verbs and the name of an NGO I hoped to work for (which, it turned out, didn’t exist). The experience of getting lost repeatedly and of forging my way in a new city stretched me in ways that changed who I was, and shaped who I am.  

Bettina Hanna: Filmmaker


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My Goal of the Day: Always finish editing my endless projects

What drink do you need to get through the day? Coffee to go through the day for sure. Tea at the end, most days I have chamomile or pomegranate tea.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? Instagram for sure. I love going on road trips so I really like Adventure Aide, NatGeo and Jimmy Chin accounts.

What should everyone try at least once? Meditating. 

Dana Slamp: Prema Yoga Institute Founder & ERYT500 Certified Yoga Therapist


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Favorite Instagram Account? I have the inverse relationship with Instagram than most small business owners: My private account, @danapremayoga, is where I put the more flashy yoga tutorials, and @premayogainstitute is where I keep up with our students in a more cozy way. As for apps, the Insight Timer is a great go-to for meditation. I can set it to “gong” at certain intervals for Kundalini meditations.

What should everyone try at least once? A yoga retreat. Yoga is ideal outdoors, and we so often miss that connection with the earth in the city.  It’s also pretty great to explore what it’s like to be healthy on vacation instead of just overeating & overdrinking.

Where do you enjoy getting lost? On the beach, or in the Hudson Valley hiking.  Either way, you can just use the water to find your way home.

Michael Dounoulis: Sommelier Tobacconist, SoHo Cigar Bar


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My Thought of the Day: Celebrate everyday like it’s a victory.  

What do you love most about Your City? That it’s so full of life. I Love being GM at Soho Cigar Bar for many reasons and being able to go downtown everyday, and be in the energy is indescribable. 

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant? At Soho Cigar Bar we have a filet mignon sandwich that makes my knees weak. 

Jess Frey: 1,000-hour Kripalu Yoga teacher and mindfulness educator, 500-hour Kripalu Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Bodyworker, Transformational Life Coach, Life Explorer, and Art Enthusiast


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My Tip of the Day: You belong here. You are here for a reason. Discover why. Bring it forth.

My Question of the day: How will you inspire your own magnificence? (from my teacher Maria Siros) and Who would you be if you believed nothing was wrong with you?

What should everyone try at least once? Eating with your fingers, sky diving, silent meditation retreat, skinny dipping in the ocean, to be single, immerse oneself in another culture on a different continent than you live, love fully and freely, witness/be apart of a birth and a crossing over/death, do something that scares you or nudges you out of your comfort zone.

Nancy Stellway: Take Stock in Children Palm Beach Executive Director


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My Thought of the Day: I  am so appreciative for my amazing team at Take Stock in Children who work so hard to do the right things for kids.

My Action of the Day: Focusing has been a struggle today but once everyone leaves today I will finish my work before heading home.

What do you love most about Your City? I was born and raised in Palm Beach County. After moving away and living in California for over 10 years, I returned to Palm Beach County to raise my children.  Palm Beach County is so incredily beautiful complete with palm trees, over 20 miles of beautiful beaches and incredible weather.  From the island of Palm Beach to our agricultural areas in Belle Glade and Pahokee, our populations are extremely diverse as is the income disparity.  Yet our community continues to amaze me with their generosity to lift up others.  

Brandon Brown: The Mind Trust CEO


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My Goal of the Day: Maximize the opportunities in front of us to make one more day of progress to ensure more kids in our city have access to a great school.

My Tip of the Day: Assume the best in others.  It makes for a more joyful and hopeful existence.

What do you love most about Your City?  Indianapolis is a city that consistently punches above its weight class.  A few decades ago, we made up our mind that we were going to be the Sports Capital of the World… and we did it.  We have a long track record of incredible mayors who tackled big ideas and consistently built off of each other’s success.  We are a burgeoning tech hub, a place where public-private partnerships are part of our DNA, and a city where people truly embody “Midwestern Nice.”  Most importantly, though, we are the best positioned city in the country to transform our education system so that every student has access to a great public school.

Hannah Habes: Matchaful Founder & Chief Matcha Officer


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My Goal of the Day: Make time to connect with people on my team, friends, family.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)? Well this one’s easy for me. Matcha + water all the way. I normally drink 2-3 cups of matcha a day. Sometimes I’ll add a little collagen, he shou wu, or rhodiola to my matcha and I love topping it off with a little of NotMilk’s fresh almond milk.

What are you doing at 6 AM: Waking up. I start each day writing out my list of to-dos. This helps me stay focused and clear throughout the day. Because I only spend about 10% of my day at my desk, I need to be very organized about prioritizing what needs to get done each day.

Kate Davies: YO BK Owner


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My Deed of the Day: I opened my second yoga studio last month, so there’s lots to do these days. Today, I created a program to mentor new teachers and support their growth at the studios. I’m also curating a retreat to Nicaragua this March, which is so fun to plan!

What should everyone try at least once? Everyone should try our hot pilates class! It’s high-intensity interval training mixed with pilates moves and is intense, energetic and so fun! We bump the music and have a disco ball!

Where do you enjoy getting lost? In the Met. I grew up in New York and love visiting my old friends at the Greco-Roman wing and the Temple of Dendur.

Sabra Kirkpatrick: Brown Harris Stevens Sales Director & Senior Realtor Associate


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What is unique about your city? I was raised in Palm Beach and have been here my entire life… 40 years as a matter of fact.  I also have three children who attend local schools, play baseball at the local parks and swim in the Atlantic Ocean.Palm Beach County is awesome! The city is vibrant, sophisticated and full of out-of-towners 6 months every year. It is always changing! Palm Beach has whatever energy you are searching for.  If you want to hang with surfers, go to Reef Road and watch them catch waves all day long.  If you want a black tie gala, check out the Social Diary and attend an event based around what charity makes you tick.  If you want a chill night shooting pool while sipping on Bourbon, go to Lost Weekends on Clematis Street.  My point is, there is literally something for everyone in Palm Beach. Visit them: https://www.pbsocialdiary.com

If you have $1,000 at what store would you spend it?  Gosh, I am not much of a shopper but I would have to say C’Orrico on Palm Beach.  It is the original Palm Beach shopping destination and family owned by three very cool women.  They opened their doors in 1985 and even if you don’t want to spend big bucks, you always have fun sitting on their comfy sofas gossiping about the latest town news.  They sell everything from Lilly Pulitzer belts to Milly dresses to Two Bees Cashmere.  Visit them: https://www.corrico.com

Viorica Marian: Psycholinguist, Cognitive Scientist, Northwestern University professor


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My Thought of the Day: This quote by Albert Camus: “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

What should everyone try at least once? Traveling to a new place. Learning another language. It is amazing how the simple act of learning another language can open our minds to new perspectives, cultures, and ways of thinking and can change how we see others and the world. It can also open the door to new relationships and adventures. I think if politicians knew another language and were exposed to other cultures the world would be better.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?  In a museum. In music. In love. 

Jesse Hahnel: The National Center for Youth Law Executive Director


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My Goal of the Day: Every child receives the supports and opportunities they need to thrive.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant? An everything bagel with whitefish salad, tomatoes, onion and pepper and a tall glass of carrot juice, eaten at home, with my family.

What are you doing at 10:00 AM – Who knows. One of the favorite parts of my job is that it’s so diverse – every day, and every hour, brings something different: legislative strategy, litigation decision-making, running through financials, meeting with partners, speaking with reporters…

John Lim: Ansel Founder


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My Action of the Day: My mom was just traveling in Prague with me, but left a few hours ago. Really setting my intention on getting back into the zone after having such an amazing week exploring Europe with her.

My Tip of the Day: On negative thoughts: when you’re going downhill, your first instinct may be to pump the brakes, don’t. It’s the speed that carries you back to the top of the next one.

What do you love most about Your City? For me, this is something that changes often because I’m always traveling. What I’ll say about traveling is this: the cultural differences I’ve experienced escaping my bubble at home never fails to inspire new ideas while also helping me to relate and understand to other people better. I believe that to be my strongest asset as an entrepreneur and I don’t think that skillset gets emphasized enough.

Paula Tursi: Reflections Center for Conscious Living & Yoga Founder


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My Thought of the Day: I am love and limitless

What should everyone try at least once? To be honest even when it feels really uncomfortable. As humans we avoid the truth because we down like the feel of confrontation. When I have pushed through that and did so with love it made a huge difference. Next to that it would say eye gazing with someone you really care about. Its amazing!  

Where do you enjoy getting lost? In the woods. There is nothing better for me than taking a hike smelling the trees. It truly feels like god to me.