Joanne Filan & John Poveromo


Joanne’s responses to John’s questions:

If you weren’t already a fantastic comedian and I got to choose your career I’d pick radio DJ. You’ve got a song for everything. Or if I was putting together a soundtrack for a movie I’d hire you immediately. Where did your love and taste for music come from? When did it start?

Definitely started when I was little. I was the youngest and I shared a room with one of my sisters. She made me listen to all kinds of music. Both my sisters were into different kinds of music so I grew up listening to theirs, mine, and ours. When I started high school we moved away so before I made any friends I spent a lot of time by myself, just listening to music and doing things alone. Then when it turned out I wasn’t going to make a lot of friends, I kept listening to music and entertaining myself. I always imagined a soundtrack to my life being played whenever I was doing things or going places. I still do.

If you could get only one more tattoo for the rest of your life what would it be?

A full body tattoo of myself on the back of me. 

Who would win in a fight? Shelley Winters or Bruce, the mechanical shark from Jaws?

Well Shelley Winters played Mrs. Rosen in the Poseidon Adventure, and she was an underwater swimming champ, but Bruce ate Quint, and he was a good singer. So I say Hooper drives the boat, Chief.

If you got the opportunity would you rather be in a movie or behind the camera directing one?

I think as much as I enjoy writing and creating, I think I’m better at small scale and performance. Unless it’s a period piece because then it automatically becomes Helena Bonham Carter.

Is there a commercial jingle either past or present that always pops up in your head for no reason? 

I don’t think I have any jingles stuck there but when I’m drawing a blank at something I often sing the line “ a parade”.

When in the holy fucking hell are we getting back on the road??

The absolute second we can, Virginia!

John’s responses to Joanne’s questions:

If I could be a guy I’d definitely want to be you. You’ve got a killer creative brain, massive intelligence, and wit to beat the band, whatever the hell that means. Plus, physically you’re in tiptop shape- nicely built and good looking to boot. If you had your choice of what kind of woman you would want to be, inside and out, celebrity/politician/girl next-door, etc. who would you choose?

I’m completely humbled and flattered by everything you just said and I’ll Venmo you as soon as possible. I had to really give it a good think, and I’d have to say my honest answer would be if I were a celeb I’d wanna be a lead singer of a band. Crissie Hynde, Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Grace Slick, Janis Joplin - all amazing song writers, and powerhouses who were uncompromising in their journey. Some kicked in at 27 but I peaked at 24 so I think they’re onto something. On the flip side of fame I’ll also go for infamous and say any woman like Katherine Johnson who worked for NASA. She calculated the trajectory for Apollo 11 to reach the moon. Any woman who can get us off this planet for a bit either physically or lyrically is my hero and I’d kill to be any of them.

Movies and music are a pretty big connection we have I believe. If we were to collaborate on a movie with a soundtrack, what type of movie would it be and who would do the soundtrack?

OH! I got this. Ok. So in the movie we play rundown but popular radio personalities who play the best billboard hits (Boring but that’s how we make the big bucks). When suddenly we start to notice some of the most popular songs and bands in history cease to exist. We’re literally running out of music. A mysterious fan calls in and says he knows what’s happening and the only way to get them back is to time travel to the exact moment they were recorded and fix whatever is fucking it up. And the entire time we do this the soundtrack is made up of all the songs on the flip side of albums. We’ll call it - The B Side of Tomorrow but not before Yesterday Is finished with Today. I’m not budging on the title. Suck a dick Paramount.

In a word: cats. We both love them. We both tend to love most animals and talk about adding them to our tour as mascots or even emcees if possible. If given the opportunity, what animal would you adopt? Of course having the necessary facilities to make the animal happy and safe is a given.

I would absolutely adopt a Raccoon. They’re super smart and they’ve got those opposable thumbs so i could have him take over driving whenever I’m falling asleep behind the wheel. Or open a pickle jar.

Would you rather have the ability to grow a beard or be clean-shaven with a snap of your fingers, or never have to brush your teeth again?

I don’t mind brushing my teeth so I’ll go with beard no beard at the snap of a finger. I hate shaving with a passion. Plus if I ever need to go on the lamb I could change my appearance super fast in a crowd. Eat your heart out Richard Kimble. Hooray for references no one will get!

What do you think makes people connect with you the fastest when you are on stage? Is it a physical trait or something personal you share? This question can be applied to you personally or just comics in general.

My friend Lynn, who I met in an acting class (not to brag (seriously I’m not bragging I’m a terrible actor)) described me as, “Disarmingly inappropriate.” That always stuck in my head for some reason. When I’m one on one with someone I very much like to make people feel like we’ve known each other for a long time because I hate small talk and it cuts it out right away. I think as comics we take something innate like that and learn how to use it on a larger scale. So when I step in front of an audience I guess that comes through. It may be appearance too. I sort of look like everyone’s nephew that needs a home cooked meal and directions to the highway.

When in the holy fucking hell are we getting back on the road???