Aaron Naylor & Max Fine


Aaron’s responses to Max’s questions:

Where did you first do standup?

Laff's Comedy Caffe in Tucson, AZ in December 2013

Can you remember the first live comedy show you went to?

Seth Meyers before he got his own show. It was on the University of Arizona campus and he closed with rejected Weekend Update bits which was pretty cool.

What city in the Midwest has the best gas station hot dogs?

Any city with a Quiktrip. Their dogs kick ass and they have more toppings and sauces than any other gas station in the country (probably). Get one with ketchup and chipotle sauce and tell me how good it is.

What was the plan before you started doing comedy?

Coach baseball, teach history or philosophy, wander off into the desert and see what happens. I had a lot of viable options.

What was the first comedy festival you did/which was the most fun?

The first one I did was the 2015 Devil's Cup in NYC which was all right but the best ones I've done are the 2015 and 2017 Orlando Indie Comedy Fests. The people who ran them were all awesome, the venues ruled, and the hangs were gross as hell which made it even better. Plus there was so much free beer.

What band do you like that’s most like your standup?

I like to think Modest Mouse because they have a lot of word play in their songs and also a lot of people don't like Modest Mouse which really resonates with my comedy

Max’s responses to Aaron’s questions:

What's the wildest thing that ever happened to you on the road?

I’m not allowed to talk about it (per the request of a young man, his mother, and a blockchain conspiracy). The second is probably any time I’ve been to Huntsville, Alabama, which is a place I love dearly. I’ve gone home with a married couple to drink scotch and celebrate a pending divorce. I’ve woken up in my car dressed only in my underwear. And I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten drunk in a mall. What I would give to be under 25 again.

What was the first joke you ever wrote?

A bad one. I wrote and (very confidently) did an act out as, you guessed it, my dick. It was horrible and the first time I did it, it killed. The second time I was booed offstage. That’s art, baby.

Who are your non-comedy heroes?

Miles Davis, Joe Strummer, and depending on the mood, Michael Jordan (I will cut down anyone for my own success).

What's your favorite joke ever?

For quotability, your joke about having a good memory. I tell that to people all the time and pass it off as mine. Even did it on during the Super Bowl halftime show. Thank you for writing a good bit.

If you got a dog, what would you name it?

The Marlboro Man, Jr.