Christina Rheuby & Dayna Pereira


Dayna: What’s the most awkward situation from your past that still haunts you today?

Christina: Oh! I've already talked about this on the show. I was working at a bank and one of the customers was saying to the teller that she had lost her dog so she was having a bad day. So my dumb ass chimes in "my friend just lost her cat and they found it a few days later!" And the lady replied "No, it DIED".  

Christina: What's your favorite and least favorite asset?

Dayna: And don't say your mansion: Dammit, my mansion is such a good one though. My least favorite asset AND my favorite asset are both my mouth. It won't shut up when I need it to, even when my brain is screaming for it,  but it also says some funny things occasionally. AND I get to tell the people I love with words, rather than through action. I tire easily in my old age.

Dayna: Who is your celebrity hall pass and would you do it if given the chance? 

Christina: I would bang Ryan Reynolds like a screen door. With consent, of course.  

Christina: Marry Shag Kill:

Dayna: The cast of SNL from the 70s to now: Marry Kate McKinnon so I can laugh forever and we can share clothes. Shag Colin Jost (Scarlett, you can come too) Kill Gilbert Gottfried because that voice should be considered assault.

Dayna: You get to choose one meal for breakfast/lunch/dinner that you have to eat for the rest of your life. What are they? 

Christina: Listen, I don't even like leftovers because I don't like eating the same thing more than twice in one week. But I could have burritos all day erryday. I'm going to wrap this cinnamon toast crunch in a tortilla and call it a breakfast burrito. 

Christina: Have you ever gotten out of a ticket?

Dayna: Yes! My friend and I were pulled over for speeding (I was driving) and my friend was intoxicated. She kept trying to show her cleavage from the passenger seat and I kept trying to get her to stop. The cop must have felt bad for me because I was super embarrassed at what she was doing and he let me go. So, technically, her boobs DID get us out of the ticket.

Dayna: If you were a fly on the wall, who’s house are you eavesdropping in? 

Christina: I would want to know what TF is going on in the WestWorld writer's room. That show was amazing. Had me hooked. And now it's like you have to be tripping on acid to "get it". 

Christina: Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet? Discuss.

Dayna: Hands for feet! I could swing from branches, or open 2 jars of nutella at the same time. Play the fiddle and clap for myself. Give 4 High Five's at once. The possibilities are endless. 

Dayna: What would be your superpower if you didn’t have to use it to save the world? 

Christina: I would like the ability to make people be nice. Ironically, nothing infuriates me more than people being asshats. If I could bippity boppity boop them on their douchey noses and people became nice, that would really reduce my anxiety. So it's really more for me than them. But ya know, win win. 

Christina: Where did the name come from for the podcast you host? 

Dayna: I started doing funny videos on twitter a while back and I would call myself a trophy wife but I'd be doing super non trophy wife things. When the podcast idea popped into my head, I knew I wanted it to be something along those lines as well. I would say "Just living that trophy wife life".. and eventually it was whittled down to "That Trophy Wife Life". 

Dayna: If money were no object, what would you be doing? 

Christina: Oh like if I was a real Trophy Wife? I'd love to be a full time film producer. I do it as a jobby (job hobby) for my company and I love it. But since I'm only a participation Trophy Wife, I'll keep working for "the man" until my winning lotto numbers hit. 

Christina: Would you consider yourself more Spice Girl or Golden Girl?

Dayna: Feisty, snarky, constantly finding themselves in awkward situations, and in bed by 10pm. Definite Golden Girl.