Devon McPherson & Gregory Metts


Devon’s responses to Gregory’s questions:

What inspires you to write?

I always felt invisible growing up. I wasn't literally. I'm not a sci-fi character. But writing gives me a voice to express myself, explore ideas, comment on the world and what's important to me, and I hope give people a laugh and some enjoyment. Without an audience, without human connection, words are meaningless.

What are your long-term goals? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Och! I used to set long term goals. Life always had a way of taking me in other directions. I just want to be content, creatively successful, financially secure, and be surrounded by friends and family.

What’s your favorite color to perform in? Why?

I like vibrant colors on-camera. I look good in greens and oranges. Some blues. I don't always have the best eye, but aesthetics are important to me. If I'm doing a comedy video, colors can even have an impact on the humor. Set the tone. I love physical and visual humor as much as wordplay.

Who is your favorite stand up comedian? Why?

George Carlin. I've loved social and cultural satire since I was in elementary school. Humor that comments on real human foibles and foolishness, but in a hilarious manner. Carlin was the master of that.

Where would you live if you could live any place in the world? Why?

That's exactly what I am trying to figure out now! I need to be somewhere safe and peaceful with lots of nature and outdoor activities. It has to have good quality Internet. I could see my husband and I doing the travelling-RV life some time in the future.

Do you sleep with your socks on? Or do you sleep barefoot?

Naked. Oh, wait, that wasn't the question. Unless it is very cold, socks off. And if I have to start the night with socks on, then I will wake up in the middle of the night overheating. Barefoot is best.

Gregory's responses to Devon's questions:

Elon Musk has successfully set up a Mars colony. Do you move or stay on earth? Why?

I plan to stay on earth. I am not very good at dealing with change. Too much change makes me nervous.

Super cliché question. When did you know you wanted to do comedy? What was the catalyst?

I knew I wanted to do comedy after the summer before 5th grade. I spent many nights at my Aunt Barbs' house that summer because she had cable, therefore I could enjoy MTV. But my aunt and I also would watch the comics perform stand up, on Hbo or Cinemax. I forget the exact channel. But I was hooked on watching comedians perform after that summer. I felt the need to perform after summer, and I knew I had to try it one day. However, it took me many many many years to pursue stand up comedy because I had an extreme case of stage fright.

What was your most embarrassing moment on stage? How did you handle it?

My most embarrassing moment on stage was when I forgot my set. I just started ranting, and hoped something funny came out.

What is your proudest achievement and why?

My proudest achievement was having the courage to pursue standup comedy. I sat on my impulses for many many years to pursue standup comedy because I had an extreme case of stage freight.

What does your perfect life look like?

My perfect life is a life that is peaceful. If you have peace in your life, I think you can almost do anything. I also think that the perfect life consists of having good health, money, travel and a creative outlet.

If you couldn't do comedy, is there anything else you'd like to do? 

If I couldn’t do comedy, I would probably be a nurse. I am naturally a caretaker.