Michael Oldroyd & Trevor Glassman


Michael’s responses to Trevor’s questions:

Michael, if money wasn't an object, what would your dream home be like?

I’d want one similar to Wayne Manor from Christian Bale’s Batman. It needs to be above a cave so I could have a getaway with an unmarked car. Better yet, it should be above a cave that is near the ocean so I could also have a getaway via a yacht & by yacht, I mean the pirate ship from the Goonies. I’d want plenty of rooms for guests and family and guest houses for chicks and friends and family, where everybody could have their privacy and we could come together for big dinners and do keg stands out by the pool, Billy Madison and Old School style. Lot’s of trap doors, a fireman pole and a urinal in the basement…. Live classical musicians playing randomly and cool butler’s like Alfred that want to be there out of free will, not just because they need the job. Obvi the man cave will be a full time sports haven and there will be a room specifically for standup shows. I’d also like a separate recording studio room. 

What has been your favorite comedy moment in stand-up to date?

Performing for a sold out crowd one saturday night in 2021 after making sweet comedy love to the audience. The experience was so electric, I cried after the show.

Who is your celebrity crush and how would you ask them out?

Taylor Swift. I’d ask if she wants to make a song together.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can juggle and I can play and create music. Guitar, piano, & digital compositions. I can also light my farts on fire.

What is your ultimate goal with comedy?

To fulfill my personal mission statement, which is to bring infinite love and laughter to the world.

What are three things you want the world to know about you?

I love people - all people including me. I’m always horny & when I die, I want to know I gave my best self to the world whilst retaining complete ownership of my soul.

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Trevor’s responses to Michael’s questions:

What's the biggest fear you've ever overcome?

My biggest fear I’ve overcome is undoubtedly swimming with sharks. I’m irrationally worried that I will die via shark attack whenever I go to the beach. Sometimes I won’t even go in the water. I was (un)lucky enough to go scuba diving where there were hammerhead and tiger sharks. They didn’t attack me, I made it out alive and last week I went into the ocean. Are you supposed to punch their eye or their nose? I always forget but if it comes down to it I’ll have a 50/50 shot of keeping my hand.

Why do you want to be successful in comedy & what do you want to do with your success?

I want to be successful in comedy because I want to have free personal expression on a level that is generally accepted by people for the weird and idiotic person that I am. With my success, I hope to headline around the country, be in movies/tv shows, write books, and inspire people to be who they truly are regardless of what others think of them.

Why post up in Tampa, FL of all places?

Weather, alligators...and of course, meth!

What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you in your career and how to you plan to overcome it?

I think the biggest challenge for my career will be my energy on the road. I have a blood condition called Thalassemia Minor which causes some natural fatigue. So naps and Sugar Free Red Bulls, and if I make it big enough, a self-driving car should solve that for me. If not and I’m on a show with you, please wake me up.

If you could interview any comedian, past present or future, who would it be?

Eric Andre. If it was just for the art of stand-up, I’d pick Bill Hicks. But I feel like me and Eric would have the greatest and most off-the-rails interview of all time. If he ends up seeing this, I hope we can collab and/or get arrested.

What do you love most about comedy?

Self-expression. I love the ability to be myself and be one in the moment. I love that I get to take things too far, be myself, and throw social norms out the window if it ends in a laugh. Also I love hearing a good laugh. Not just laughter, which I also love, but there’s always that one person who’s laugh sticks out the most that makes you think “damn, I wish I heard that every day.” I live for all of it.

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