Jason Stuart & Mitch Hara (SMOTHERED)

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The comedy team of Jason Stuart & Mitch Hara is breaking all records for the lol indie Comedy series SMOTHERED. Here is the genus of these guys! You can watch it on Http://www.SmotheredTV.com on Amazon and many other platforms.

Jason’s responses to Mitch’s questions:

What do you love about your comedy partner the best?

I love it when we are acting together and the scene just fly's like we are in the middle of a song. We get into a riff and it’s like we are on a plane together just the two of us. It touches my actor heart.

What do you hate about your comedy partner?

My partner in SMOTHERED (Not Boy Friend, my biz partner) is the fabulous Mitch Hara. He sends an email, a text and then calls. As Jacqueline Susann says “Once is Not Enough” not with this guy!

What’s your favorite moment in the series SMOTHERED?

In episode 4 of SMOTHERED. Mitch's character “Randy” kisses me so hard I bleed and then he pushes me away. And in character as “Ralph” I went back to kissed him again! It really tells the whole story of this insane couple in that one action.

What was the biggest surprise?

That or show is so universal. We did what made us laugh and created the characters with depth but also wanted them to come from a real place. With that said, it had to be fun!

What’s up next for you?

I will be in an episode of GOLIATH, the Billy Bob Thornton show. I also have a autobiography SHUT UP, I'M TALKING! And a new comedy album IM THE DADDY AND I HAVE CANDY. Both currently available online.

How did SMOTHERED come to be?

Mitch and I had had talked about working together for years. With the idea of us playing a couple who fought yet could not let go of each other. Hence SMOTHERED.

Mitch’s responses to Stuart’s questions:

What do you love about your comedy partner the best.

His passive aggressive way of tell me something he wants to say himself by saying a horde of other people said it. "ya know, some people say you're very abrasive." i like to slip these real dynamics into scenes to surprise him. lots of that in season 2.

What do you hate about your comedy partner?

Everything else. LOL Jason thinks he can multi task. He CAN'T. He does four things at once and fucks them all up. he sent me pet questions for this interview. i said, "Are we each other's pets?" He's challenged.

What's your favorite moment in the series SMOTHERED?

When the camera is on ME. But i also love watching Jason color like a madman. scream at imaginary people and watch him eat -- because i haven't eaten since 1996. Playing with Jason/Ralph is always a wild, creative, inspiring ride.

What was the biggest surprise?

How good we are together. We have magic chemistry. Our director, Terri Hanauer (queen) said, (when we were rehearsing season 2) "You know, if you get along too well, you won't have a series." Two seconds later i was calling him, "A puffy entitled old white woman." i think we're safe. and that we have 100k views on AMAZON.

What's up next for you?

Being internationally known. Continue touring my one man show MUTANT OLIVE. I have a new short PEELING THE STINKY ONION I shot at Sony coming. We have season TWO of smothered written. 7 shocking and amazing episodes. Me and Jason keep growing but Randy and Ralph take 2 steps forward and 10 steps back. The stakes get higher, crazier, more touching and alarming. Just the way we like it. Lots of new faces!! "Will they stay together?" Will there be a murder? Will Randy seduce their parole officer? Will Ralph have electro shock therapy? Will there be double penetration?

How did SMOTHERED come to be?

We had a huge fight. i said, go away, i don't need you in my life. he said he wasn't willing to lose a friend ship and i said i was. we always wanted to do a Dog Day Afternoon kinda gig with lovers who hated each other. so i thought the best part of our real relationship is we fight and it's funny. boom, i called Jas up and said, here is the idea.