Personalizing our Social Network

By Invitation only via Administrators:

Anne de la Mothe Karoubi (Trinity)
Stuart Orenstein (Cornell)
Julia Katherine Wetherell (Georgetown)
Peter Davis (NY)
Teddy Van Beuren (Princeton)
Olivia C. Sandelman (Columbia)
James Tierney Tang (Colby)
Tyson Reist (NY)
Alexander Cecil (Georgetown)
Andrew Freston (LA)
Sebastian Bland (NY)
Ashley Abbott Clairmont (NYU)

In addition to full Native Society
members, honorary members may be admitted:

Honorary Natives are non native New Yorkers who have adopted the attitudes and sensibilities of theNativeSociety, and may be adopted by the Society with the invitation of an administrator listed above. This will further the personal and business aspects of theNativeSociety. tNS is exclusive and inclusive in the right proportion for success.