Barak Ziv: Comedian

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Barak Ziv (@BarakZivComedy) once misunderstood a plane ticket and a 3 month stay in New York turned into 15 years. He talks about that and other life oddities in his standup comedy. He is also a designer and animator (designimator, if you will) and uses his skills to create funny visuals and comedy posters. You can usually find him performing and producing shows around New York City, though he has been seen in places like Tel Aviv and Seoul.

Most common Quarantine activity:

Random walking while trying to come up with new jokes

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

Bojack Horseman 

Fav Ig Accounts:


Fav quarantine meal/drink:

Espresso and PBJ sandwiches

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

My home country of Israel recently had a Wild Boar infestation. 12 Monkeys is happenin'

First thing you do when isolation is over...

Planning out a road tour.

Daugne Keith: Comedian, Actor & Writer



My name is Daugne Keith. Im originally from LA 6 generations strong since 1901w. We moved alot because my parents raised me in music industry. Ive performed all over the usa. Im a comedienne a published artist and writer.

Quarantine Activity:

Since quarantine I've painted 4 paintings.

My fav shows:

Queen of the south,

Hanna, schits creek, the Mandolorian.

Fav ig accounts:

tracie ellis ross

Angela Rye

Gabrielle union

amanda seals

snoop doggy dog

My fav quarantine meal:

seafood broils.

Grey goose w cranberry and good fruity Cabernet sovinougn.

Most questionable thing ive seen:

someone dive into a crowded swimming pool with a fabric mask on. He even got mad it was soaked through.

The first thing i want to do when isolation is over:

perform indoors in cali on a stage in a comedy club.

Juan Carlos: Comedian



Originally from Bronx, Juan Carlos is a comedian who takes you on a journey explaining the intricacies of growing up Dominican in the US. 

Quarantine Activity:

I spent the quarantine podcasting and playing 2k. I went as far as trying to play in the pro-am , which was humbling. When, I wasn't playing 2k I was spending an embarrassing amount of time playing civ 6. 

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

I am that person who hasn't seen any of the movies you are supposed to watch by my age. But I love TV I binge watched 90 day fiance and masked singer.  I also worked my way through snowfall, All American, the boys and Lovecraft Country. 

Fav Ig Accounts:

Lagringavacana and tokischa.trapterretre

Fav quarantine meal/drink:

My favorite meal rice pigeon peas and salmon ...ya boy definitely got the quarantine 45. 

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

I was putting on a show for charity, I put together a line up that happened to have 3 POC on it .  Despite there being 4 white comics on the line up (including host ) some one was like, oh I see you only book diverse line ups. It is questionable because no one would think 2x if I had a line up full of white cisgendered straight males ....

First thing you do when isolation is over...

The first thing I want to do is travel internationally, preferably to the Dominican Republic

Aarushi Agni: Comedian, Writer & Actor

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Aarushi Agni (@aarushifire, she/they) is a writer, comedian, singer/songwriter, screenwriter, artist, educator and tender-hearted being. Comedy-wise, Aarushi does stand-up and sketch comedy with Overstep Comedy and Sponsored By. Aarushi has performed all over for all sorts of sexy, important people, and as part of the Lady Laughs Comedy Festival, YAAASFest, and the Asian Comedy Festival.  Before the pandemic, Aarushi produced a monthly stand-up show, A Slice of Funny, in the East Village. She received her MFA from Pratt in Writing & Activism, and her band, Tin Can Diamonds, is streaming everywhere. Agni is working on a pilot and feature script and like literally 15 other things, because ADHD!

Most common Quarantine activity:

I wrote a pilot and a feature and this was not by any means my most common activity (pulling stray hairs out of my neck) but it's the one I am going to tell people about at parties. 

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

Genera+ion, Pose, Girlfriends, New Girl, Sex Education, Gilmore Girls, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Fav Ig Accounts:

I'm kind of the worst about IG. 





Fav quarantine meal/drink:

Anything my dad made while I was at home in Wisconsin for eight months. My dad is a big tell-you-every- step-in-the-process-of-making-the-food-you're-about-to-eat person. So it did taste better even though it already tasted better because he cooks so well. My mom also is incredibly good at cooking. Drink was some generic lemonade, titos and sparkling water. Always hits. Coffee with ice blended into it. 

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:


First thing you do when isolation is over...

MAKE OUT WITH EVERYONE who consents. But really, probably doing that thing with your friends where you all get together and SING A SONG TOGETHER AND EVERYONE IS DOING IT AT THE SAME TIME. And of course, TRAVEL far and wide.

CEE JAY CRAXX: Comedian & Actor

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Not only is CEE JAY CRAXX a rapidly rising star on the NJ/PA comedy scene, but he's also made a name for himself with 3 television appearances this past year including Kevin Hart’s "Hart of the City Season 2", Tru Tv’s "Laff Tracks", & a role in the upcoming film "2 Minutes of Fame" starring Katt William & Jay Pharoah (slated for release later this year). Just a kid from Orange NJ, Cee Jay still keeps his ear to the streets to keep his audiences entertained with the going-ons of today while still reminding you of the days of yesteryear. With a raw, slow, conversational tone and approach, Craxx grabs his audiences attention and brings them into his world full of surprisingly hilarious scenarios of his every day life.

Quarantine Activity:

Since becoming a new father on September 22, 2021 playing with my daughter Camdyn has kept me occupied during this quarantine

Quarantine Show:


Favorite IG accounts:

My Lil Bro @terrencet2funny

Favorite Quarantine Meal:

Peruvian food and Kirkland Alkaline Water

Most questionable thing I’ve seen:

Zoom funerals and comedy shows! Please let it be over soon!

King Tink: Comedian

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King Tink is a comedian in the Baltimore/DMV area that has been doing Comedy for 9 years. I have opened for comedians like Tony Woods, Bill Bellamy, Ricky Smiley, Nephew Tommy, Michael Blackson, Ms. Pat, and Jess Hilarious. I am originally from Louisville, KY. But, I have lived all over world because my father was in the military. I have lived in Germany, Alaska, and the majestic, but racist Utah. I believe that helps get my perspective across to many different audiences. My comedic style is Sophisticated Ignorance. I talk about the ignorant things that even the most High Class  or Bottom feeding adults can understand.

Most common Quarantine activity:

The 3 M’s………Masturbation & Making Money. I learned you can do both at the same time if you have the Robinhood app. Other than that its watching battle rap and spending time with my daughter….She is 3 now and already loves Gucci mane…..and she knows how to play the instrumental to C Murder’s Down For My [email protected]$$a’s  on her xylophone.

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

Well its definitely isn’t the show Them (Amazon Prime)…..that was like watching 12 years a slave with ghost and jump scares. But I would have to say my favorite shows have been The Boys (Amazon Prime), Mindhunters (Netflix), and anything from marvel on Disney plus. I feel like a big ass kid because I am the only one in my house who gets excited from Superhero stuff……my kids are too busy watching videos of other people playing video games or of people eating food. This new generation is trash.

Fav Ig Accounts:

@Verzuz. They really came through in a time where people needed something. I love pretty much every one. Then after that I will keep it to people I know personally:





Im a fan of all their movements

Fav quarantine meal/drink:

Food: Chili Cheese nachos & Crabs.

Drink: Crown Royal Apple… of 2 things Canada got right……the other thing was Drake.

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

I learned that COVID has reduced the number of school shootings and the amount of babies being left in hot cars. Because if you left a baby in the car you know you left your mask as well.

First thing you do when isolation is over...

I’m going to a concert and a buffet, then I having mask burning party and celebrating the day it ended every year like its Independence Day.

Josh Staab (James Ripton): Comedian & Actor



I'm Josh Staab the creator of instagram comedy sensation @James.ripton. I act in low budget horror movies(I'm on IMBD!), write jokes, and paint miniatures. I love instagram but I HATE baseball cards.
Joke of the day - "Have you heard about those new corduroy pillow? I hear they're making headlines..."

Most common quarantine activity:

writing jokes and incessant masturbation

Favorite quarantine shows/movies:

ZACK SNYDERS JUSTICE LEAGE, CREEPSHOW, marrying millions, catfish.

Fav IG accounts:




Fav quarantine meal/drink:

lunchables pizza and nathan's hotdogs. Mr. Pibb

Most questionable thing you've heard lately:

two gentleman were walking passed me. I overheard one say to the other, "yeah but did you know she was a hooker before you killed her?"

Also. Walking into the gas station and hearing a girl say to a grown man "I'm only 13!! You told me I was your SOULMATE!!!!"

First thing you do when isolation is over?

Start a massive DnD campaign with the boyzzzz

Alexis Groves (Awkward Alexis): Comedian



Alexis Groves known as “Awkward Alexis” is a former student at San Diego State University. She displays funny videos on social media based on awkward situations that are relatable and accurate in reality. She is currently seeking a career in comedic acting and continuing to expand her brand with the intentions of being an inspiration to people to embrace their personalities.

Most common quarantine activity:


Favorite Quarantine Show:


Fav Ig Accounts :


Fav quarantine meal/drink:


Most questionable thing:

Do I take the vaccine or not?

First thing you do when the isolation is over:

Go to a Chris brown concert!

Divya Gunasekaran: Comedian

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Divya Gunasekaran is New York-based comedian. In 2020, she performed at the first annual NYC Asian Comedy Festival at The PIT, the International Lady Laughs Comedy Festival, and the Palm Springs International Comedy Festival. With a sharp sense of humor, she weaves together social commentary, self-deprecation, and previously repressed childhood memories.

Most common Quarantine activity:

Figuring out how to make new outfits from the same three articles of clothing

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

Taskmaster — it’s the meaningless absurdity we all need right now

Fav Ig Accounts:





Fav quarantine meal/drink:

Portobello mushroom burger with homemade aioli

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

“U need to get ur MBA OR A MASTERS IN FINANCE” - text from my mom

First thing you do when isolation is over...

Run a marathon…lolol jk I'm going to get drunk at a bar

Photo credit: @asparaguts

Tiffany Cain: Comedian & Actress

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A DC based comedian, improviser and actress, Tiffany Cain, has been a donkey magnet since puberty and uses her improvisation to react and connect with crowds as part of her storytelling style.  She hates squirrels but if she could be an animal it would be a bird. She’s performed through the US, including featuring for London Brown (HBO Ballers), the inaugural BWIC Laff Fest in Brooklyn and Xfest Baltimore. You may have seen her on an awkward blind date in Adult Swim’s DigiKiss or in her debut feature, Clara’s Ultimate Christmas, a wholesome film streaming on Amazon Prime.

Most common Quarantine activity:

not sleeping 

Favorite quarantine show/movies:


Fav Ig Accounts:

@sarcasm_only & anything with animals 

Fav quarantine meal/drink:

jolly rancher misfits/ drinks with St Germain

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

that people still don’t wash their legs 

First thing you do when isolation is over.

All the hugs and a beach 

Maddie Smith: Comedian & Writer



Maddie Smith is the world's most beautiful lesbian. Also, her hair color currently looks like it was generated in a Snapchat filter. Catch her performing sketch with @givethebabyaknife, hosting internet talk show @a_mad_gab with @gkru, and podcasting her podcast The Hump with @robotnoises. She also does lots of good digital characters and writes lots of bad pilots.

Most common Quarantine activity: 

Roller Skating and petting my cat

Favorite quarantine show/movies: 

I've honestly just been watching early-aughts VH1 dating shows and The L Word. I just started watching The Real L Word last night and it's dated and amazing.

Fav IG Accounts: 

My gorgeous comedian friends who also make art:

@air_durnell / @aridurnelldesigns

@jenalbs / @jenalbsthingnstuff

@akmaltajihan / @uglystinkybad

Fav quarantine meal/drink: 

Whatever I eat/drink at 3pm when I realize I'm mad dehydrated and starving

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently: 

The news, man. 

First thing you do when isolation is over: 

Throw a party where I get to kiss all my friends.

Dan Cass: Comedian



Dan Cass @dankkass is a Chicago based comedian that performs at major clubs such as Zanies, The Comedy Bar, and The Laugh Factory. He is the artistic director and co-producer for The Love Below Comedy Show, a co-producer and co-founder of Block Party Comedy, and a co-producer of Low Key Comedy, premiering at The Laugh Factory in Chicago this May. His comedy is vulnerable, and thoroughly based in connection to his audiences, as he believes them to always be right, and that serving strangers is the reason he loves to perform.

Most Common Quarantine Activity:

Making socially distanced love with your husband and or wife.

Favorite Quarantine Show/ Movies:

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Fav IG Accounts:




Favorite quarantine meal/drink:

Those big ass hazelnut chocolate bars from Devon Market.

Most questionable thing you've seen or heard recently:

Some dude on the street told me he loved me, and I just don't think either of us have put in enough work for that.\

Davine Ker: Comedian & Artist


DavineComedydotcom (@davinedc)

Marvel or DC?

I seem to watch more Marvel than DC...

Top 3 Favorite superheroes:

Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Gambit

Top 3 villains:

Joker, Penguin from Gotham, and Killgrave

Least favorite superhero and villain:

I can't stand Iron Fist. Especially the tv series. And I hate Jessica Jones's mom. What a waste of a villain.

Top Favorite Comic book film adaptations:

a tie between Logan and The Dark Knight

Worst comic book films?

Immortal ( based on a graphic novel by Enki Bilal...that counts, right?)

Fav comic book show:

Luke Cage and Gotham. Also Cloak & Dagger...Hard to pick. 

Best rivalries of all time?

Robin vs every Batman side character that got their own shows... 

Best remake?

Are the Spiderman movies considered remakes of each other?

Best sequel?

Avengers End Game

What two comic book characters would you like to see in a romance?

Iris West and Wally West. They had more chemistry between each other than her and Barry Allan Flash. 

Who was in charge of the wardrobe in the series Flash?

Because Iris West was wearing a short necklace with a V neck. It should have been a LONG necklace...

How come you don't see characters kissing very much in the MCU?

David Lipper: Actor & Writer



David Lipper first became known as DJ’s boyfriend Viper on Full House - a role he would reprise in the reboot, Fuller House, 20 years later. Lipper would star on several more sitcoms, like the leading role in Fox’s Misguided Angels for 26 episodes, before transitioning to more dramatic roles like the title role in The Black Widower and the Texas Cadet Murders. Lipper has 7 movies slated for release and/or acquisition in 2021 including the starring role in Reboot Camp (winner of Best Comedy at the Austin, Maui, and Garden State Film Festivals) with Ed Begley Jr, David Koechner, Ja Rule, Eric Roberts, Lindsey Shaw, and Chaz Bono (re- leasing May 4th on DVD all T-VOD platforms), Painted Beauty, with Claire Holt, and Clifton Collins Jr, Underdogs Rising, Will You Be My Quarantine , with Jodie Sweetin and Alec Mapa, and the 2 films David has directed in the last year - Death Link and Wolf Mountain, with Danny Trejo, Malu Trevejo, and Tobin Bell.

The Unwilling launched Lipper as a producer and writer in 2017 - a film that can be seen on Amazon Prime and YouTube, where it has amassed over 5.5 million views and many festival awards, including best actor wins for Lipper. And he has continued writing and producing in his current film, A Christmas Letter, now in production in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, where he is also the film’s star, playing opposite Glenda Braganza with Enrico Calantone, Roger Cross and Colin Mochrie. Lipper is originally from Montreal, Canada, but has been in Los Angeles since the Full House days. In January he leased a home in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, where he plans on working with local talent in developing and producing new content, and is currently looking to purchase a new home as well there.

Quarantine Activity:

Non-stop work prepping my film A Christmas Letter.

Favorite film:

for laughs: The Frisco Kid with Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford.

Fav IG Account: Larry David

Fav meal:

Ordering from Low and Slow…or is it Slow and Low?

Fav drink:

Kombucha - Trilogy flavor (GT’s)

Most questionable thing:

why do I need to be quarantined for 14 days with 2 vaccine shots and several negative tests???

Once isolation is over:

I will jump into the streets and dance when they let me.

Cristina Fernandez: Comedic Actor & Writer



Cristina Fernandez is an actor, writer and storyteller. She's worked alongside Christopher Guest & Conan O’Brien and has been seen/heard on Last Night Tonight With John Oliver (HBO), Powerless (NBC), and the film Still Wylde, which premiered at the never to be forgotten 2020 South by Southwest. Cristina holds a Master’s in acting from CalArts and is the creator and host of Good Enough, a standup & storytelling night in Los Angeles.

She’s originally from Puerto Rico. Yes, it's a part of the United States.

My Joke of the Day:

Even tho we seem to be on our way out of pandemic, things are still tough,

nothing feels normal,

even how are you feels like a loaded question.

I feel like now, if you’re talking to someone, you just gotta jump right into the deep end,

you gotta be on that Zoom meeting like:

Anyone believe in God?

Most common Quarantine activity:


Thinking about whether I still believe in god.

Ordering things online and then returning them.

Is this too uplifting? Am I bragging too much?

I did go to the beach a lot, now that may be bragging…

Also, teaching myself how to play my son’s ukelele, so yes I was very much near a mental breakdown at one point.

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

Pen 15! I needed funny, sweet shows about love and friendship.

Though I did also love I Will Destroy You, just to swing radically in the other direction.

Life is about balance.

Fav Ig Accounts:





Fav quarantine meal/drink:

White claw, its not exactly my favorite taste, but it got me thru pandemic. It was helpful to always be low level buzzed and still be able to get work done + take care of my kids. I’m convinced White Claw is actually behind this whole Covid nightmare.

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

Anyone who says they're doing “pretty good.” Run in the other direction. Fast.

First thing you do when isolation is over…

A sweaty dance class.

Silent retreat. I have kids, it’s been a loud isolation.

Howard Lester: Comedian & Writer



Specialist in creating the awkward conversation, Howard Lester can only be described as the alternative to anything conformative. He's performed across the country spreading his unique brand of blue, gay comedy. No topic is too taboo for him to provoke thought or conversation. He is truly the "other gay comic" unfiltered, unabridged and unphased.

Most common Quarantine activity:

binging and napping and over thinking then napping some more

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

Letterkenny, Vampire in Brooklyn, A Low Down Dirty Shame

Fav Ig Accounts:




Fav quarantine meal/drink:


Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

how fast human trafficking stories disappear from the headlines

First thing you do when isolation is over...

put my dick in something...else

Lena Kinney: Comedian, Writer & Musician



My name is Lena Kinney. I am a queer Pittsburgh native, comedian, writer, and musician. I’m a little bit good at some stuff and kind of funny. I started doing stand up comedy at age 25 and it stuck, but I’ve accomplished a lot in the last year. I own a skincare company called Floods of Flora, and I’m in the midst of writing a one woman show. I like music, politics, long walks on the beach, and bringing together communities of artists. 

Most common Quarantine activity:

Learning how to play electric guitar to be more eclectic and attempting to read chapter books. 

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

Bojack Horseman, Sex and the City, Seinfeld, Lovecraft Country 

Fav Ig Accounts:




Fav quarantine meal/drink:

uncrustables and chardonnay  

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

Why Mkhia Bryant  was murdered by police while stupid chubby baby Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested with his life and given water while holding an assault rifle. 

First thing you do when isolation is over…

Go to a Beyonce concert and have her sweat on me

Kyle Morrisey: Comedian

10-21-20 Alameda Comedy Club-123.jpg


Kyle Morrisey is a comedian.

Most common Quarantine activity:

Being worried/arguing with people online

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

His Dark Materials Season 1

Fav Ig Accounts:




Fav quarantine meal/drink:

Palmetto Superfoods Acai Bowl

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

Filled my cat's litter box up with brand new fresh clean litter but then he just went on the floor anyways.

First thing you do when isolation is over...

Stop bothering my girlfriend with crazy theories and take her out to dinner

Joe Moran: Comedian & Actor

Joe Moran BW Jan 2021.jpg


Joe Moran is damn glad to meet ya! Joe is one of the greatest guys in the world. The best way to describe Joe Moran is to call him what he is: a living legend. Joe is handsome, charming and simply wonderful. Is Joe special? Nah. Unique. You're damn right he is! As a kid Joe was best known for his gift of gab and his ability to spin a good yarn. Joe was a tremendously gifted athlete too. Joe played football, baseball, and wrestled. But when you get down to the brass tacks of it all Joe could play any sport well. Even badminton. Joe was stealing bases with a broke back. Joe was a fast runner too. Joe won many races. A this point you are probably thinking to yourself that it's all about Joe. It is. 

In addition to being awesome at sports Joe enjoyed finding trouble and whenever and wherever. If you could assign a human likeness to Bart Simpson it would belong Joe Moran. Joe learned how not to get caught from his three older brothers. Whether he's at the family's dinner table or in a sold out comedy club Joe knows how to work a room blending a friendly and intimate style of wit and conversation into one hilarious story after another - all with a wink and a smile.  Joe began performing stand up comedy in 2015 and has performed at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Joe has performed at Flappers in Burbank CA, the LA The ImprovThe Laugh Factory, Zanies Rosemont, and Harrah's in Laughlin, NV. Joe graduated from Lyons Township High School in La Grange, IL, and went on to Columbia College Chicago where he earned a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Writing and Producing Television. Joe has worked in the entertainment industry as a producer, writer, performer and photographer for several years. 

Most common Quarantine activity:

There were a few activities. In August I quit drinking. I quit mainly because I was spending a lot of time arguing with people on social media. Every now and then I get sucked in and respond to a post I should not. I'm a work in progress. I read some books. Took an online photography class. Went hiking. At one point in June or July I started doing shrooms. I found it helpful. 

Favorite quarantine show/movies: 

I got into the show Money Heist on Netflix. It is in Spanish and has subtitles. I loved it! There are 4 seasons and a 5th is on the way.  My nephew Oscar is a big fan of the show "Kids Baking Championship" on Food Network.  My girlfriend and I gave it a go and found it surprisingly entertaining. Those kids are under a lot of pressure. Seeing them breakdown when it got too hot in the kitchen was... pretty... awesome. 

Fav Ig Accounts: 

These two come to mind. Respect nature. 

Nature Is Metal:

The Dark Side of Nature:

Fav quarantine meal/drink: 

Food: Tator tots and tacos. Pizza. Chocolate.

Drink: Coffee or La Croix seltzer water.

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

TikTok videos. All of them. 

First thing you do when isolation is over...

I am one shot away from being fully vaccinated. I'll head to Chicago to see family and whatever friends I can fit in. I come from a large Irish and Italian family. Since we're Catholic too, there is a lot of us. I want to see everyone I can. My mom and sister celebrate their birthdays is in June, and my dad in July. There are a few nieces and nephews in-between. So a big family party is in order. 

JoBob McGinney: Comedian



My name is JoBob McGinney. I’m from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I am livin in Miami, Florida. I love tellin jokes and drinkin beer. I don’t understand some of the big city issues y’all got. All I’m really lookin for is some Redneck Respect.  Y’all can find me on TikTok Instagram and Facebook @JoBoBMcGinney 

Most common Quarantine activity:

People watchin at the Walmarts round Miami

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

I was busy writin jokes, drinking beer, and bein lazy to watch anythin

Fav Ig Accounts:

@JoBobMcGinney obviously 

@MiamiComedy to know what happening in Miami.

and everyone else I come across cause y’all are awesome 

Fav quarantine meal/drink:

Same as my favorite anytime drink.... FREE

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

My face in the mirror knowin full well where my standards in women are set

First thing you do when isolation is over...

It ain’t over?..... I live in Miami, y’all sleep