Eric Owusu: Comedian & Writer



Hailing from the great state of Maryland and doing his best to make it notable for anything other than The Wire, Eric Owusu is a relentlessly optimistic LA-based stand up comedian and writer who has written for The Disney Channel, Yahoo, Revolt TV, Quibi, and CBS. He's constantly writing pitch decks and pitching shows, hoping that one of them will sell and save him from oblivion by making it to tv and running long enough to make it into syndication. 

My Joke Of The Day:

Most Common Quarantine Activity:

My most common quarantine activity is going down superhero origin YouTube video rabbit holes for hours after doing five minutes of anything productive. Oh, also ice cream. Inhaling scoops and scoops of ice cream. 

Fave Quarantine Show:

Honestly, Desus and Mero on Showtime is my favorite thing right now. Their jokes and hot takes are getting me through this wild year in one piece. But I've also been an avid fan of Lovecraft Country, P Valley, and The Boys. So, all of them are tied for first as my favorite. 

Fave IG accounts:

@hoodclips because I connect so intimately with their silly memes, it's frightening.

@inthistogether_la because they keep me up to date on where the marches, protests, and boycotts are happening daily. Stay woke! 

And any #virgo handles, because I'm a Virgo and those Virgo memes see me like I'm a wide-open, meticulously detailed itinerary. 

Fave Quarantine Meal and Drink:

I've gotten really good at my very basic old man breakfast. Oatmeal with cinnamon, nutmeg, and 1 cut-up Honeycrisp apple. It's simple, but it slaps. My favorite quarantine drink is refrigerated Brita water. It keeps the skin tight, and I need it that way because this tumultuous year is trying to make my black crack. 

Most Questionable Thing Heard:

I had a masked, socially distanced lunch with a buddy recently and he said that because he survived brain surgery last year, the 'rona won't kill him. I don't even think President Trollop has said anything that brazen. And he tries to top himself every hour on the hour! Very wild indeed. 

First Thing To Do After Isolation:

Party. Party my freaking face off. I miss the option of being able to go dance at The Satellite, The Virgil, The Federal, or That One Lady's Backyard That's The Most Isolated And The Neighbors Can't Hear The Bass So They Won't Call The Cops To Shut Down Our Party. I love that place. So yeah, I'm gonna dance for three days straight once we can all safely come out of isolation!