Phillip Kopczynski: Comedian & Writer

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Phillip Kopczynski wrote this and it's probably good practice for the day he'll be in court, defending himself and talking in the third person. Born and raised in the mountains of eastern Washington, Phillip Kopczynski started comedy at age 11 doing pratfalls to make his Down Syndrome sister laugh. Now he's a reluctant nice guy and father who just wants to occasionally play in the wilderness and regularly make city-dwellers laugh.  Phillip worked in corporate America for 10 years before beginning his comedy career, which wound him right back in the corporate world where he has performed for Red Lion Hotels, Godfathers Franchise groups, Altria, IPH, Bunzl, Pacific Steel, and many other companies in US and Canada.

Phillip placed second at the 2018 Seattle International Comedy Competition, and has performed in bars, clubs, winery’s, theaters from Vancouver BC to Orlando, Florida. His Drybar Comedy Special is called Full Grown man. He has been seen in commercials and a documentary series Meet the Makers. He is the author of the novel Freedom Weed, a sketch comedy collection Comedy with Friends, and a comedy album called Hillbilly Glamorous. 

My Joke of the Day:

Most common Quarantine Activity: 

Planning to exercise, then eating snacks instead. 

Favorite Quarantine show/movie:

Amanda (my wife) and I have been re-watching the entire Sopranos series. 16 years ago she was pregnant with our first son and we came down with Whooping cough and were sick and watched most of it then on DVD rented from a store like cave people. We figured, if it helped us survive that, maybe it'll help us survive this. 

Favorite Instagram accounts:

@beeple_crap is churning out very relevant and insane art super quickly. 

@andrewshulz quarantine show has been far and away the best thing I've seen in quarantine

@jessiemaepeluso has the goofiest stories that are a great mood boost. 

Favorite quarantine meal & drink: 

Cheese trays and Old Fashioneds. Amanda and I decided to learn a skill during quarantine - she is now crafting charcuterie with a zen-like mastery and I and have taken the time to learn to make the perfect old fashioned. 

Most Questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently.. 

I've been going on a lot of walks lately and usually trespass along this railroad track near my house. I saw this super nice house right near the tracks, I looked closer it was for sale. It is 5000 square feet, pool, gated driveway it is a massive beautiful house, but they put it right next to the train tracks. Who does that?

First thing you’ll do once isolation is over...

Bench press at a gym. I miss using a real gym. These thick rubber bands I got at my house ain't cutting it.