Julie Weidmann: Comedian

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Witty, insightful and irreverent, Julie Weidmann is a Los Angeles based stand up comedian. Her comedy style is observational with a glimpse of the absurd and strongly influenced by her background in theatre and sketch comedy.  A Southern California native, she has performed at all the major clubs in Los Angeles, and throughout San Francisco and Arizona. She performs regularly at residential events, colleges and corporate gigs. 

My Joke of the Day:

Most common Quarantine Activity: 

I am either walking/running (I'm doing a virtual race with a friend) or playing the guitar poorly and singing along or listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

Favorite Quarantine show/movie:

Marcella, and I just finished the season of Alone on Netflix. I’m big into Criterion as well, they have a lot of great films. 

Favorite Instagram accounts: 

@interspeciesfriendship. A piglet and a kitten snuggling, come on!

Also, I love @cheapoldhouses. 

Favorite quarantine meal & drink: 

I’ve been on a sandwich kick. Sourdough or Ezekiel bread with sliced cucumber, red onion, tomato, avocado, and dill pickle with lots of pepper & nutritional yeast. Pellegrino with a splash of cranberry juice.

Most Questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

That people in Oregon were calling 911 because they ran out of toilet paper. 

First thing you’ll do once isolation is over:

Go dancing or to a roller rink and hug everyone I see on the way!