Will Melendez: Comedian & Writer

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Will Melendez is a Los Angeles based queer Latino standup comedian and writer. Will was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in Orlando and considers himself a Disney Rican. He is a high energy storyteller who enjoys drawing audiences into to his life growing up as one of two gay sons of Pentecostal preachers, working in the beauty industry and living the terminally single life. Crowds across the country have fallen in love with Will's infectious energy, sharp writing and unique delivery.

Will has performed at the World Series of Comedy and the San Diego, Oak City, Portland. Aloha and Big Pine comedy festivals. Although will enjoys performing for general audiences he also loves performing for LGBT crowds like at Gay Wine Weekend in Sonoma County, Out Fair in San Diego, and NYC’s Queer Comedy Competition. 

My Joke of the Day:

Most common Quarantine Activity: 

Cleaning my apartment while my cat stares at me in horror every time I take out the vacuum cleaner.  I've also perfected my mom's coffee making abilities which I never knew could ever happen. My coffee is so good my roommate now does all the cooking. 

Favorite Quarantine show/movie: 

Mucho Mucho, Amor The Walter Mercado documentary is my favorite documentary.  Walter Mercado is the most beloved astrologer in history and  was born in my hometown of  Ponce, Puerto Rico.  Seeing my hometown highlighted on a major streaming service for the first time thanks to Walter Mercardo has never made me feel more proud.   Plus I'm obsessed with his wardrobe and can stare at them all day

Movie: The Old Guard, this movie is dope af.  What's not to love about a diverse group of supernatural immortal warriors.  Two of them are queer and in love and I'm all about that type of representation.  Netflix, give me a call please I'd love to be a part of the sequel! 

Favorite Instagram accounts:  

@misfitscomedydtla Misfits Comedy showcases some of the best queer comedy talent and co-hosted by my dear friend Jeremy Pace @pacesword4it 

I'm obsessed with beauty pageants and I love @misterinternationalkorea as it features men competing in pageants from all over the world.  I also love @prstrongwepa when I need a fix of beautiful pictures of Puerto Rico

Favorite quarantine meal & drink:

Goat Cheese & Tomato ravioli from Trader Joe's, any fudge brownie I can get my hands on and a shot of tequila any time I want to turn my frown upside down 

Most Questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

Does ordering 13 chocolate chip cookies with my McDonald's delivery order count as questionable? 

First thing you’ll do once isolation is over:

Visit my parents in Puerto Rico. My mom has been sewing masks while quarantine and I'd love to help her get her business off the ground and I need to learn how to sew!

Photo Cred: @hollybeaupre