Suchandrika Chakrabarti: Comedian, Journalist & Podcaster



Suchandrika Chakrabarti is a freelance journalist and podcaster who has always dreamed of trying stand-up comedy, but only managed to make that happen in January this year, which tells you something about her comic timing. She's a semi-finalist in the Funny Women Stage Awards 2020, and has been named by them as One to Watch (for comedy value, not loitering). 

My Joke of the Day:

Most common Quarantine Activity:

1) Managing the internal screaming

2) Looking up 1980s mini-trampoline workouts I won't do

3) Repeating step 1 

Favorite Quarantine show/movie:

I May Destroy You was incredible, and, among many things, depicted the neon-lit nightmare of London when you're 20-something and have FOMO. So glad to be past that stage of life, and have a government-mandated reason to stay in. Other than that, I smashed through podcasts like The Anthropocene Reviewed, You Must Remember This (the recent Polly Platt series is brilliant) and Oh Hello: the P'dcast

Favorite Instagram accounts: 






Favorite quarantine meal & drink:

I've been making a lot of shashuka, which goes well with challah bread and multiple cups of tea

Most Questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

The phrase: "Yes, this does break international law in a very specific and limited way."

First thing you’ll do once isolation is over... 

give my toddler niece a big hug and a kiss, then book in my third live comedy gig...