Alex Nicole Windsor: Guitarist, Bassist & Writer

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Alex Nicole Windsor is a Los Angeles-based guitarist, bassist, educator, and writer. She moved from Chicago to LA in 2016, where she has since served as a hired gun for sessions, performances, and film scores. Alex has had the privilege of sharing the stage with established artists such as Matisyahu, Lita Ford, MAYDAY, and Jack Russell’s Great White. Her most recent projects include writing songs with pop artist Madeline Rosene, playing bass for Warped Tour icon Shiragirl, and filling in as a House Musician for the new female-centric platform, Gritty in Pink. When not on stage or in the recording studio, Alex can be found behind the scenes of Guitar Center’s music lesson program developing curriculum as an Education Specialist.  She also frequently writes lessons, interviews, and product reviews for Guitar Girl Magazine.

My Video of the Day:

Most common Quarantine Activity:

Playing guitar, longing for human interaction, and browsing Netflix (not actually watching anything, but endlessly browsing).

Favorite Quarantine show/movie:

I made an Excel spreadsheet of classic horror movies I’ve never seen, so I’m knocking that out one at a time. I’ve also been binging the Office.

Favorite Instagram accounts:

Subway Creatures (@subwaycreatures)

Mr. Bubz (@misterbubz)

Band Memes (@bandmemes666)

Favorite quarantine meal & drink:

I learned how to make spicy avocado toast so you could say I’m officially a Californian. Aside from the tears of my enemies, I’ve also been drinking the occasional Moscow mule.

Most Questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

I keep hearing that there’s going to be a Hocus Pocus sequel but I’m trying not to get my hopes up because I can’t handle any more disappointment this year.

First thing you’ll do once isolation is over:

Travel, eat food INSIDE a restaurant, and get within six feet of my favorite people.