Mike Valdes: Comedian, Actor & Musican

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Mike Valdes (@mikevaldes) is an actor, singer/songwriter & comedian from Miami, FL. He has appeared on Nickelodeon, ShowMobile & various music videos for Jonas Brothers & Imagine Dragons. His album DREAMER with his band Mike Valdes & The Noise is now available on Spotify, Apple Music & Google Play. 

Most Common Quarantine Activity: 

I’ve been keeping myself busy with my podcast. It’s also helped me stay connected with people thankfully. It’s called Childlike At Best with Mike Valdes (shameless plug) It’s a podcast about childhood, nostalgia & cereal. 

Other than that, I spend most of my time getting easily distracted into never doing what I thought I should do in the first place.

Favorite Quarantine Show/Movie

Atlanta: it’s one of the best shows ever. 

Cobra Kai: this show is so much better than it should be. 

The Simpsons: this has always been my comfort watch tv show. I also love to watch The Simpsons before I go to sleep. 

As far as movies go, I’m pretty sure the best movie I saw this year was the Xfinity commercial where Steve Carrell played Santa Claus. 

Favorite Instagram Accounts:

@mosesstorm - one of my favorite comedians to watch. 

@jeremiahstandup - hilarious stand up & character work. 

@christichello - one of the sweetest & silliest people I know. Christi’s stand up is just as funny as it is inspiring. 

@marcellohz - one of the best (if not the best) observational meme accounts. Marcello is absolutely hysterical.  

@dirtyrottenchurchkids - the best Instagram account for people who have been burned by the church in the past & want to laugh about it now. One of my favorite podcasts as well. 

@hotbreathpod - one of the best podcasts about the craft of comedy! It’s essentially inside the actors studio for comedians. 

@quotesbychristie - always inspiring. 

@albumsandcolors - such a great account for any lover of alternative rock albums.

Favorite Quarantine Meal: 

I’m in Miami currently, so there is never a shortage of great Cuban food. However, I would risk getting covid for the macaroni & cheese at Whole Foods. Also, while I’m at Whole Foods I have to get a case of @liquiddeath mountain water. It’s mountain water than comes in a tallboy can & it’s the closest a straight edge kid like me will ever get to looking or feeling punk rock. 

First Thing You’ll Do After Isolation: