Caitlin Kerchner: Actor


Caitlin Kercher (she/her) was born in Wilmington, Delaware (you may have driven through it on your way somewhere more exciting). She has performed professionally since she was 4, beginning with Opera Delaware. She is a graduate of two NYC acting conservatories: The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, where she majored in Musical Theatre, and T. Schreiber Studio, where she majored in Acting for Theatre & Film. Currently, Caitlin is an ongoing student in Matt Newton's Masterclass at MN Acting Studio, and can be seen recurring as "Amy Kress," the bartender who's seen it all, on Law & Order: SVU. She is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, a steadfast LGBTQIA+ ally, and an unapologetic antiracist. #BLM. Please get vaccinated.

Most common activity: 

You can usually find me running around to auditions and acting classes, both in-person and virtually. It's important to me to stay sharp and

work on my craft, not to mention each one is an opportunity to do what I love, even if just for a few minutes. In my personal life, I love working out with my Peloton/Peloton app, and I usually unwind with a glass of wine, my cats/fiance, and either true crime or reruns of The Office.

Favorite show/movies: 

The original Roseanne was amazing (the original series, not the reboot - back before she lost her marbles). I always loved the accessible blue collar vibe and the sardonic humor, not to mention it had some great writers. Recently, I've been really loving What We Do In The Shadows - I just think it's so brilliant. And my favorite movies are When Harry Met Sally, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Wayne's World (Shwing!)

Fav Ig Accounts: 

Listen - if you're not following @secret_buttholes, you don't know what you're missing.

Fav meal/drink: 

I LOVE Thai food - Sri Pra Phai in Queens is the best! I also love a good slice of Joe's pizza on Bleecker. I drink a lot of seltzer, and am a wine person.

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:  

The thing that really struck me hard recently was the 6 week abortion ban nonsense in Texas, including offering a reward for civilians who turn people in. The policing of women's bodies HAS to stop - it's not just questionable, it's reprehensible. 

First thing you did when isolation was over: 

I went to a gathering in Central Park with my acting coach and fellow students! We had kept doing classes on Zoom all throughout quarantine, but it was so nice to see everyone's faces in person again (or in some cases, for the first time!).

How has having tattoos affected your career: 

Everyone always told me that having tattoos would hurt my career, so when I first started getting them, I only got ones that I could hide. I was also a dancer and musical theater actor at the time, so tattoos just didn't really jive with that whole "blonde-tap-dancing-ingenue" thing people were trying to peg me in. Eventually, I found my passions laid more in the film world, and I finally said "fuck it - I've wanted sleeves my entire adult life, I'm doing it!" And just like that, work started to come. Sure, tattoos provide a certain "edgy" nitch - but I think when it comes down to it, when you embrace yourself and become comfortable with who you are, it shows in your work. The moral of this story is: Stop trying to be someone else, and stop trying to please people. Be your authentic self. What you perceive as your quirks, flaws and weirdness, is exactly what makes you special. Keep it weird.