Ophelia Peaches: Queer Activist, Emcee, Thespian & Drag Teen


BECOMING OPHELIA - Life for this youngster hasn’t always been easy. Ophelia has not always had support from her family or peers. But something changed when on her thirteenth birthday, Ophelia asked for a Drag Queen themed party. Denver's Hamburger Mary's was thrilled, and rallied to her aid. Dressed in a secondhand prom dress with a rhinestone tiara, Ophelia stepped into her future. Drag turned this Cinderella into a QUEEN and she's been unstoppable ever since! Performing in New York at Wigstock with Drag legends like Lady Bunny, Hedwig (NPH), and Bianca Del Rio, was only the beginning of Ophelia’s debut into Drag. Since then she has spoken in front of thousands from the main stage at Denver Pride, represented her generation during the Matthew Shepard foundation’s 2020 election campaign, and is currently filming a documentary for Universal Studios on queer youth. While the stage-name Ophelia is reserved for the spotlight, she looks upon her Drag as a superhero persona. Her love for performing and activism has enabled Ophelia to become a voice for Queer youth who have yet to find their sparkle.

Most common activity:

Theater and choir

Also I’m a hardcore gamer

Favorite show/movies: 

Priscilla Queen of the desert

The Avengers

Yellow Submarine

Les Miserables

Fav Ig Accounts:  




@AlextheHumanHuman (on both TikTok and IG)

Fav meal/drink:

Dino chicky nuggets!

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently: but 

Billy Porter saying that he began the fluid fashion movement, and that Harry Styles didn’t deserve the cover of Vogue. I think Billy Porter is an absolute icon, but Harry Styles also deserves recognition. Why dull anyone’s shine when you are all working towards the same goal?

First thing you did when isolation was over...   

Starting dating! Noah

What would you do if you had been present at the school in Georgia were a Pride flag was ripped from the shoulders of an LGBTQ student?

First of all, let me say that retaliation and revenge is never the answer. Of course I would’ve intervened, however violence doesn’t solve anything. Bringing the incident to light, educating the administration, the other students, society as a whole… The only way to move forward is to take it step-by-step. Change is not made overnight and we all need to work together. Of course it was a terrible act of ignorance and violence, and should never be tolerated. It seems like the only way for the queer community to move forward is to constantly sacrifice our dignity and our lives: Marsha P Johnson & Matthew Shepard are prime examples of that. I won’t let their sacrifices be in vain.