Karah Britton: Comedic Actress

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Celebrity Q&A:

Celebrity Crush?

My celebrity crush for years has been Hugh Jackman. He’s also one of my favorite actors. Tall, dark-haired, handsome, oh crikey that smile.  I just love his looks, his accent, and I adore his personality, especially when he shows his goofy side. So damn sexy! From what I hear he is a really nice person as well. Also seeing how sweet and loving he is with his wife just makes me crush on him all the more. I think it all started from him as Wolverine in the X-men movies but I also swooned over him in ”Kate and Leopold” and an under-appreciated movie called, “Someone Like You” Don’t even get me started on his outdoor, shirtless,  water pouring scene in” Australia.” I was wide-eyed along with you in that one Nicole Kidman. I am glued to the screen when I watch one of his films.

Your ideal date with them?

My ideal date with him would be a large pizza on the beach and a bottle of wine. The beach could be in an exotic location but let’s face it the most exotic location would not top me staring into the Greatest Showman’s eyes. My apologies ahead of time here to his wife. I mean no disrespect and you are a very lucky woman. I honestly just love to see his work and maybe I will be lucky enough to work with him someday until then my fantasy on the beach with the pizza will continue. Oh look I just saw a dolphin jump out of the water in front of us Hugh. It must be a sign of our imaginary love. Feel free to serenade me now Mr. Jackman.

Two A-listers you’d love to hang with?

Two A-listers I would want to hang out with the most would definitely be Betty White and Carol Burnett. The stories those two must-have from life and the business. Besides how fun would lunch be with those two especially after a couple of martinis?!? I would pick their brains about comedy and navigating it today for a starting-out comedic actress compared to what they both went through from their times at my at my age. Their thoughts on comedy today I think would be very fascinating. Plus the laughter and giggles.

Minimum Wage Story:

I’ve worked several odd jobs growing up but my very first job as a teen was at the movie theater in my hometown. I was excited to be working there and I had the chance to see free movies. However, I had to work in concessions and it was not fun. I would come home smelling like popcorn every night. My skin would have a light residue of butter and salt which didn’t help with the teenage acne. After a while, I was so disgusted with the smell of popcorn. It made me nauseous.  I would come home from work and my mom would be popping popcorn and I would think, “Whyyyyy  mom, why?”  It was not a glamorous job by any means. I even saw some nacho cheese that spoiled to the point of being the color of neon green nuclear waste. I will never be able to stomach the thought of people eating nachos or hot dogs at a movie theater. You are at risk for food poisoning or perhaps other underlying health risks. At the end of the night, we would have to sweep up and throw out old popcorn in large bags. I found kernels stuck everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE!  I remember they were going to force me to work on Christmas and I finally quit the job. That was my last straw feathered with teenage angst. It took me 6 months to ever like popcorn again. Let alone movie theater popcorn. I still get flashbacks when I go to see a movie and smell that movie theater popcorn. The popping sounds give me a slight twitch in my left eye.

Another one:

I use to work as a Sales Associate at Staples. I remember when I transferred from Colorado’s location to California how different the clientele was and the impatience I dealt with compared to a small town in Colorado. One of my jobs was to help people in the pen aisle. People use to get so angry with me if we didn’t have a certain ballpoint pen or the refill for a pen they absolutely had to have. I thought this was ridiculous because it’s just a damn pen. Find a new pen if they don’t have the exact one. What’s the big deal? But I learned because it happened multiple times that people take their pens seriously. I will never understand it. Don’t question people when it comes to their office supplies they will cut you or shank you with that damn ballpoint pen that they will never find a replacement for.