Jay Shingle: Comedian/Musician/Meme Artist



Jay Shingle is a comedy performer, musician, video-maker & meme artist from Portland, OR. In his live act he combines stand-up comedy, prop comedy, music, video and character work into a mind-bending display of visceral goodness. He has opened for performers like Creed Bratton, Sarah Squirm, DJ Douggpound, and Brent Weinbach. He was a featured performer at High & Low Festival in 2017 and at SF Sketchfest 2020. He wrote & starred in The Hard Times video "Hard Times Fortune Teller" on The Hard Times Facebook page, where he is also a contributor. He is also the creator of @ordinarypeoplememes on Instagram with 140,000 followers.

Most common Quarantine activity: 

Writing and recording music. I have a tape forthcoming with @related_records !

Favorite quarantine show/movies: 

Once I started PEN15 I couldn't turn it off until I finished it. 

Fav Ig Accounts: 

@timheidecker is brilliant in every way. 

Fav quarantine meal/drink: 

I've been making a mean zesty quinoa salad in bulk, and I've been drinking a lot of non-alcoholic malt beverages from Dubai called Barbican. 

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently: 

That police are here to protect us. 

First thing you do when isolation is over...

Book as many comedy spots around the country as I can! Maybe take an "Ordinary People Show" on the road.