Caroline Stella: Comedic Actress, Writer & Producer



Caroline Stella is a LA based Writer, Producer, and Actor that braved the long journey from her hometown of Fort Worth, TX. After diving into the Upright Citizens Brigade community she met her creative partners Erik Somerville and Karina Bagoumian. They started the production house 3oH1 Films. If you wanna catch Caroline's face in something other than what she produced, look up Facebook Watch's show with Funny or Die, Coach Von Pigeon!

Most common Quarantine activity:

Going on walks and hikes. Quarantine taught me that legs weren't just for thirst traps anymore. 

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

Anything with a lesbian storyline. Wynonna Earp is the one that jumped started my obsessive search for queer female characters that have an actual story line that is beyond their sexuality. And boy oh boy is it fun to watch.

Fav Ig Accounts: 

@3oh1_films - I'm biased because it's my production company's instagram. 

@boogiman and @carlosdelbasura are my partners 

Fav quarantine meal/drink:

Like everyone I've found a great comfort in a bottle of wine. In the springtime there is a farmer at the Silverlake Farmers Market that sells watermelons and gave me an amazing Aqua Fresca receipt. And the foot that keeps me from going into the dumps is In and Out because I'm a basic bitch. 

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

I got home from work and found my roommate with a pair of scissors about to chop her hair off. Right after she looked at my not unlike a deer staring at a car about to run them over, she chopped it off. I then became a sudo-hairdresser to even out the back. 

First thing you do when isolation is over:

Go to an underground dance club, get very sweaty, and make out with the first person who consents.