Max Cutler: Comedic Actor

Max Cutler Headshot.jpg


Max Cutler or @maxbcutler, An LA Native, born and raised in the Golden State. Likes to call himself "A Fun Maker" cuz who doesn't like making fun?! You'll be hard pressed to spend a few moments with him without some puns and/or word play occuring. Yay portmanteaus! He has a rich history with Improv, founding a troupe at Indiana University (HoosOnFirst) alongside getting his Degree in Informatics (you know, computers and stuff).

He has a baker's dozen and a half episodes of the @Freeform show Good Trouble under his belt as the bro-hole programmer Sam, as well as playing Kylo Ren in a web series called Kyloki. Plus a handful of commercials, even one where @TaylorSwift steals his cookie dough.

Most common Quarantine activity:

Loads of Video games are a good way to Zen out. Get at me if you wanna lose at Smash Bros.

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

I binged Man in the High Castle and most of the Expanse, those were good. Of Course Mandalorian and WandaVision. We've been catching up on some anime too, never get enough of all that.

Fav Ig Accounts:

My brother's restaurant @ronan_la

Fav quarantine meal/drink:

I've been cooking a lot of reverse seared steaks, and some simple asparagus in olive oil.

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

Uuuuhm, the x-ray of my foster dog's twisted stomach. Vet's don't even know why it happens.

First thing you do when isolation is over:

Throw a s'mores filled firepit party like I did in the beforetime