Nicole Matarese: Comedic Actress

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#CelebCrush Q&A

Who is your celebrity crush and why? 

Post Malone, because he is true to himself, records hot songs, seems completely kind, and carries himself with good humor and love for life. Plus he pulls off multiple face tattoos; we love a badass sweetheart.  

What would be your ideal date with them and where would you travel to? 

We could just reshoot the video for "Goodbyes" and I could play his love interest. It seems like they filmed that video either on a set or in a small town in the Southwest, so I'd love to travel to either of those places with Posty.

What two A Listers would you want to hang with the most and what would you ask them? 

Obviously Post Malone is one. I'd ask him if we could ride four wheelers in Utah together. 

I'd like to hang out with Margot Robbie, and ask her about her process of getting into character to play Harley Quinn.