Lloyd #Legacy Sharp: Comedian



Lloyd #Legacy Sharp had an unconventional entry into the world of stand up performing, called up as a fan from the seats in 2016 in Salisbury MA. On stage, Lloyd portrays a theatrically exaggerated version of his real life self. That has lended itself to his in-act authenticity & has made him one of the more distinctly recognizable personalities in Boston comedy & is why he remains what people call "one of the most unique voices in the local scene" to this day.

Most common Quarantine activity:

Id say it's probably been rearranging my living room in a desperate state to simmer the stir crazy

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

Last Week Tonight, Archer, the WWE Network (now on peacock ), YouTube Top 10 gaming/wrestling lists

Fav Ig Accounts:

@thecomedystudio @2mbstudios @jaylene.tran @TookyMonster @ajhapenny @funnynameguerby @notadamncheese @justforquiggles @lisannlang @mish_cuts @andersoncomedyboston @quackqueline @quarantineactionwrestling @charliestaphouse.nh @xiex04 @zwamby @kymnashstandup @realollyiconic @comedyreckless @vonstoner @c.kewl.c @olddirtyboston @allisonjane27 @daddyporkchops

Ill stop there we'll be here all day

Fav quarantine meal/drink:

PIZZA And lemonade

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

*opens Twitter app*.... Yep, all of that

First thing you do when isolation is over...

Long for it to continue so id have extra time to dig deeper into my 500+ video game collection than i did or hit an open mic to sharpen some material, 1 of the 2