Ken Holmes: Actor, Writer & Filmmaker



Ken Holmes was born in New Jersey in the United States. Ken always had a passion for performing. In first grade, he would act out in front of his classmates pretending to be several characters. He also spent long hours as a child in his room taping pseudo-radio programs on his tape recorder, where countless characters (all of whom he would do the voices for) dropped by to be interviewed. When he was twelve, Ken landed a role as Robin in "The Merry Wives of Windsor" at Castleton State College (now Castleton University) in Vermont. It was this experience that made him realize that performance and a career in the arts was what he wanted to do with his life.

In 2006, he spent a semester abroad in London studying theatre. While there, he took a master class on the craft of acting with Jeremy Irons. The following year, he attended Castleton State College where he studied Theatre with a concentration in Acting and Directing and a minor in Writing. Ken graduated from CSC cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Since graduating, Ken turned his focus to film. He has been a lead, supporting, and featured actor in over one-hundred films, and is also a screenwriter and filmmaker. He is the founder of the film company Rain & Neon Productions.

Most common activity:

I love binge watching shows and films, writing, going to cafes and drinking too much coffee, and going to plays and comedy clubs.

Favorite show/movies:

The list is always changing. My favorite recent movies have been Sound of Metal, Pieces of a Woman, The Father, and for shows I recently binged I May Destroy You, Bojack Horseman, and The Office. I also really love Barry, Silicon Valley, Succession, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Key & Peele, and I am a super fan of Saturday Night Live. My favorite movie for a long time was Waking Life, and I also have a soft spot for The Room.

Fav Ig Accounts:



Fav meal/drink:

Italian food...big fan of pizza and pasta. Also, anything spicy! I adore Indian food. As for drinks, I drink coffee all day, and I love tea as well. I'm a fan of LaCroix as well.

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

I recently overheard a man say "Did I tell you about the time I caught my second wife with the guy who married us?"

First thing you did when isolation was over...

Went back to work. I really missed being on film sets.