Julie Schooler: Self Help Author



Julie Schooler is an author of 10 self-help and parenting books and mama of 2 beautiful tiny humans. She is on a mission to help you understand your true self, rediscover your sparkle and make the most of your one precious life. Julie lives with her family in New Zealand, a small, magnificent country at the bottom of the world, where you may find her trying to bake the world’s best chocolate brownie.  Right now, the Rediscover Your Sparkle ebook is free, so please download your copy today and get some sparkle back in your life.

Most Common Activity

Getting a fresh, clean tea towel out of the kitchen drawer - it is more satisfying than you think - I live a rockstar lifestyle, baby!

Fav Shows / Movies

I will devour anything zombie apocalypse related, eg: The Walking Dead (although I wish it would return to its season 3 / 4/ 5 glory), Shaun of Dead, Zombieland, and my fav Christmas movie, Anna and Apocalypse (if you have never seen a Zombie, Rom-Com, Christmas Musical, this is the film for you).

Fav IG Accounts

Anything uplifting or fun, eg:




Fav Meal Drink

The Bastard burger from BurgerFuel washed down with a cold L&P

Most Questionable Thing You Have Seen or Heard Recently

Please don’t get me started on questionable legal decisions around certain celebrities, I don’t want to bring the mood down.

Also - feijoa season started in February this year - February! They usually don’t ripen until late April / early May - this is a sure sign of an impending apocalypse.

First Thing You Dis When Isolation Was Over

Hug my mama

Fav Writer Joke

I bought the world’s worst thesaurus yesterday. Not only is it terrible, it’s terrible.