Danny Castellanos: Actor, Writer, Director, Filmmaker & VFX artist



Danny Castellanos is an Honduran-American Actor from East Los Angeles better known for his work on the family oriented 'We The Geeks of East L.A.' He's a writer, director filmmaker and vfx artist. His YouTube channel has garnered him over 400,000 YouTube subscribers and over 254,000,000 video views. A Film School Graduate, Castellanos' love for theater and film have been a driving factor in him pursuing acting as a career.

Most common activity:

Watching movies.

Favorite show/movies:

Back To The Future 1,2 and 3. Speed Racer. Ready Player One. Tropic Thunder. Kims Convenience. Brooklyn 99. The Umbrella Academy etc.

Fav Ig Accounts: 






Fav meal/drink:

Chinese food, Mexican tacos, Korean BBQ. Orange bang, agua de Jamaica agua de tamarindo

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

People who don't like In N Out.

First thing you did when isolation was over...   

Visit my mother.