Alfonso Aguirre: Actor, Model & Acting Coach



My name is Alfonso Aguirre and I am an acting coach and model in Houston, Texas. I teach on camera acting for commercials, improv, film acting technique and monologue development, among others, at the Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting, and online. I have been featured in several commercials, some print ads, short films and lately I've been auditioning for more television series and documentaries.

Most common activity:

I am actor in several commercials and I teach and coach new actors who want to get into the industry.

Favorite show/movies: 

My favorite shows are House, MD, Black Mirror, and Law & Order SVU. 

Terminator 2, The Empire Strikes Back, Rockstar and The Shawshank Redemption are some of my favorite films.

Fav Ig Accounts:  




Fav meal/drink:

Pancakes and coffee, any time of the day!

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

Unfortunately, seeing how many of our news sources keep discrediting themselves.  

First thing you did when isolation was over...   

Go to an African market to get food items, as my wife cooked Nigerian food. Glorious!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become an actor?

I would tell them to just take that first step - it doesn't matter how young or old you are. Sign up to a class. Learn the craft. Have fun with it. If it's something you really want to do, the steps that follow will come in easily. But acting should always be the main focus - everything else is secondary.

What is meant for you, will happen for you. Trust, learn, believe and you WILL achieve!